Brilliant songs that aren't Bangers*

The bangers thread is for songs that are hip hop, rnb, pop or electronic.
This is for songs that aren’t in those genres but are still rocking your world.
Ambient to grindcore post your brilliant songs here.

So I’ll start us off with A.A. Wlliams. Beautiful shoegaze indie for fans of Emma Ruth Rundle

Delta Mainline

Fuzzy Spiritulized esque indie

And finish with some Rammstein, which is an utter banger :stuck_out_tongue:


I dunno who decided on that ‘banger’ can only apply to electronic type stuff but I for one reject that definition.


It was @lastdino

And I quote “Monthly reminder that if your song isnt hip hop, rnb, pop or electronic it almost certainly isn’t a banger.”

But the banger thread does lean very heavily pop, so I’m ok having a different one.
Mods feel free to nuke this if it’s a double up.

I don’t understand why only pop music seems worthy of ‘banger’ status on these boards. There were certainly a few tracks too sedate to come under the banger umbrella in the other thread but there’s still room in the world for guitar-based bangery.

Not that it matters in the least ofc but I think we should embrace bangers of all stripes.

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I assume @lastdino was being deliberately confrontational with their hyperbole.

Not sure it necessarily requires this level of passive aggressive response but I’m cool with it! : D

i tend to think of a banger as being fast and upbeat and exciting so i’d include lots of guitar music in that too. wouldn’t put a slow quiet song in the bangers thread though as that feels like a different thing


I wasn’t really aiming at lastdino but there is a very pop lean to that thread. So I thought I’d try this.

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Big fan of the AA Williams from Jan. Also that new Rammstein album is a lot of fun. I particularly love the vocal breakdown after the second verse in Puppe and the riff that follows.

Not got any non bangers to add yet, mind.

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Don’t think there’s any genre qualifier on bangers tbh. The only thing that makes something a banger is whether or not it bangs.


Good idea for a thread. I do think there should be a separate place for good new songs which aren’t bangers.

Obviously I was being a little hyperbolic here but I do stand by it. I do think that a banger is more than just a good fast tempo song. That thread should be reserved for something you could put on at a club or party and people would dance to it never having heard it before, basically. That does largely exclude guitar music from consideration.

In short, I regret nothing.


I’ll play. How about some modern composition.

Some Alt-Country/Americana perhaps.

or slaps

Good lad :joy:

we’ve been having the bangers debate for like two years now haha

i still cant believe some of the songs that have been posted in bangers threads tho. like soft indie acousticy things wtf. idk im ok with some guitar driven bangers but if it doesnt make you want to move in some capacity then it is most definitely not a banger.


Always thought this was great and a quiet banger

Missed Algiers and only caught them on my Glasto homework.

Same with the Burning Hell. Sounds kinda like Red House Painters if they were funny.