Any tips welcome.

It’s called ‘Brugge’

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Only been once but I still remember that if you walk towards the main square on the main shopping street, with the cathedral on your right, then cross the square on the same side and go down the street to the right to find a good beer shop then the TinTin shop.

That’s all I’ve got.

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This place for beer:

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You’re an inanimate fucking object!!!


Steer clear of the alcoves in Koningin Astridpark


I’ve been there once before and had a nice time and then I’m going again in November with da boiz

Just walk ten minutes in any direction out of the actual centre and save thirty euros on any meal.


To add to these places…

Cafe Red Rose is a lovely bar, pretty quiet and great beer list.


The Fort Lapin taproom is good of it’s open when youre there.

Volkscafe Sint-Jakobs is a nice bistro. Think there’s a little pub next door as well.

Hire a bike and cycle to Sluis in the Netherlands via Damme, but weather/time of year dependant.

If I was going back my priorities would be


t’Brugs Beertje
La Trappiste
De Garre (House triple beer is one of my favourites)
Halve Maan (either on the brewery tour or in the bar)


Not gonna lie, food isn’t my area really, but L’Estaminet is great. Could eat there every day.
De Stoepa
Heard good things about De Vlaamische Pot

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It’s like extreme tourist level 9000 there, definitely get out of the city centre. You can hire bikes easily and just ride in any direction away from the city centre.

I’ve only been once. Played a gig there on a tour back in 2006. The crowd were great but some old fart posh locals in the posh restaurant we ate in before the gig were pretty racist towards some of our entourage so that was a downer

Beautiful city though

Low-key flex

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I agree with it being mega touristy, but I feel that’s sort of the whole point of going
It’s like a theme park for people who don’t like Disney but do like chips and beer, just embrace it and let yourself do all the touristy shit you want imo

By all means you can leave the city centre and see what the locals are up to, but I don’t think in Bruges you’d necessarily have a better time

Like - if you want to go to ‘proper’ Belgium, then just go literally anywhere else in the country


If you have any veggie dietary preferences then be careful, because a lot of the chips will be fried in beef fat

(They are amazing)

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Oh for sure, last time I went to Belgium I watched some 2nd division football in Lier and Mechelin😅


Give me some tips for London please

It’s mega busy, go to Scotland.

:100: :clap:


Ghent is nearly as pretty as Bruges and quite a bit less touristy (although I understand that it’s got a lot more popular in recent years).

Bruges is great though - the only real downside of its tourist hordes is the ridiculously high price of meals

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I liked Bruges. Had an absolutely awful hangover when heading home on the Eurostar.

It’s called ‘Gent’

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