Burnley or Hebden Bridge

So the pal I used to regularly go to football away games with, wants to go to Burnley v Crystal Palace in a couple of weeks, as he now qualifies for tickets.

However, as he has a gluten and dairy allergy, he wants to stay over and cook his own food and to rent a flat, so I’ve been looking online and realised that Hebden Bridge isn’t too far away.

Does anyone have any recommendations of where to stay? Is Walsden any good? I found this and I guess we get get a cab to Hebden Bridge? Places for decent pubs (ideally with a Gluten free beer selection)


Thinking of driving up on the 4th November, go to the football, then back to the airbnb or wherever, cook and then pubs before coming back the next day.
@bugduv and @futilityofendeavour I suspect might be the experts here?

Todmorden is just down the road and very much worth a look if you’re in the area!

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Hebden Bridge is lovely. Loads of food places, pubs, shops, really relaxed, friendly, and very liberal.

Burnley’s none of those things.


Yeah i saw that the place linked is just down the road from Tolmorden by looks of things and we get get a train straight to Burnley and back.

Vocation, The Hebden or Drink for beer in Hebden bridge.

Clitheroe or a bit further away is Ramsbottom which is lovely and afaik doesn’t have a heroin problem.

Oh nice! Golden Lion and Nan Moors are nice places to drink (and eat in GL’s case). Hebden is lovely, but quite small and can get very touristy. One local once described it to me as a “drug town with a tourist problem” lol


I normally just go to the Old Gate for beers, but looks like it might have had a bit of a garish makeover since I last went. Used to be a boozer with a long bar and about fifteen pumps.

There’s a hotel called the White Lion which has got quite a nice bar in. Really lovely for an evening drink - dimly lit, comfy, nice furniture, low to the street level, open fire, etc.

Tod to Burnley is a mission the number of fucking pizza runs we’ve done to Burnley from my mates house I’ve lost count down the years with the same fucking soundtrack.

Pal has found a airbnb in central Burley near the ground and he seems to be favouring that. Hmm.

I wouldn’t go out in Burnley, mate. Taxi out to Padiham at least.

Yeah I’m not planning too. Would rather stay further out

Fox & Goose is great pub


Probably one of my favourite pubs in the country tbh

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Don’t think I’ll be doing this now.

I’d happily stay nearer Hebden Bridge and make a weekend of it after football, but I can’t find anything reasonable and the one place I liked my friend doesn’t like due to the cooking facilities and the fact he has to cook his own food.

He found somewhere in Burnley near the ground, but going to pubs in Burnley after football doesn’t appeal.

I think I’ll save my money for another away day.

Dunno if it’s improved but I was at the Burnley-Palace game as a neutral back in 2019 and the trains back through to Blackpool after the game were an absolute nightmare anyway

Old Gate still had a good beer selection last time I went in the summer

Feel a bit sorry for Burnley, it must have at least one good pub



That little bottle shop/bar in Hebden is nice. Can’t remember the name. Also really like Leila’s Kitchen for breakfast. The Persian breakfast is delish if you’re in the mood!