Car Seat Headrest

Rerecorded version of Twin Fantasy out next month:

Loved Teens of Denial and when I went back to listen to Twin Fantasy found it just sounded a bit too shitty to put up with, so looking forward to this. Wonder if there’s another album in the pipeline too going by that excellent one off ‘War is Coming’ a few months back.

New UK/Europe dates in May too.

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Beach Life-In-Death is an absolute slammer. Looking forward to this


Well this is great:


Oh yes. All the tracks off the next album sound great so far. Roll on Feb.

Got a feeling they’ll release two albums this year, including the new Twin Fantasy. War is Coming is ace, got tickets to see them in Bristol and I can’t wait

Hook Hand Car In The Car Door Hook


Original album is decent. All his albums are far too long though tbh. Monomania is the best one I’ve heard.

This one is good, the first one was good. The Killers one in the middle was a bit iffy and not as good as the original but still excited for the record overall

Excited for lb? :cry:

Really like this! Got tickets for his Glasgow show.

Is the original Twin Fantasy worth buying, or should I just hold out for the 2018 botox version?

I want to know if Car Seat Headrest have ever supported Crash Test Dummies.

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the original Twin Fantasy is free!

i think all the pre-Matador ones on there are.

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So this thing is a thing that’s happening then


Songs are a bit bloody long on this album

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Loving this so far. ‘Bodys’ and ‘Sober To Death’ especially

It’s very good, especially Nervous Young Inhumans, but there are some self-consciously arch moments - a lot of the spoken word parts just annoy me a little. But that’s only off of one listen, and planning to rinse this one over the next few months.

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Sober To Death has always been a real tune.

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I’ve never heard any Car Seat Headrest before today, but I gave this a try on Spotify and…it’s really fucking great.


Loving Bodys too. Oddly has a great early Strokes vibe about it. Glad after one and a half spins I’m already loving this album.

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Hold up…what’s this new album y’all are talking about??
Have I missed something?