Charli XCX

Can’t say I’ve ever really been much of a fan but this new ‘mixtape’, produced entirely by the PC Music lot (mostly AG Cook by the looks of it), is really special on first few listens.

Some amazing cameos (Caroline Polachek and CRJ especially) and the production is so spot on throughout, it’s like the perfect pop record that Cook has been threatening to make for years. Need to go back and check out the last mixtape now…

Would love some Danny L Harle on this. Also for Cook to just produce an entire Caroline Polachek album.

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I can’t stop listening to it, those first 2 tracks are perfect. And you’re right it’s PC Music without being too saccharine.

Does anyone know anything about the World Album? I saw it on a download site but have not seen mentions of it anywhere else?

Been loving this album, that collab with Carly is straight up fire.

PC Music have been promising the future of pop music for a long time, but obviously with it’s tongue firmly in cheek and stood in the moire experimental camp. This on the other hand really feels like an album/mixtape/thing that could spill over into the mainstream and change the way that particular flavor of pop music is made.

It’s a subtle change I know but FUCK its good

One of my 2018 new year’s resolutions is to be the best all time number 1 Charli XCX fan that I can be. She is my favourite person.


I’ve always like bits of hers, but this is the first longform release to really grab me. It’s ace, frankly and the first decent album from this year (technically 2017 but this will be in the 2018 polls)

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track listing of World Album, fwiw:

01 – Bounce (feat. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu)
02 – Bounce (Solo Version)
03 – Can You Hear Me
04 – Die 4
05 – Down Like Wow
06 – Girls Night Out
07 – Good Girls
08 – I Wanna Be With U
09 – Rrring (feat. Charli XCX)
10 – Waterfall

Die 4 is especially good, while Girls Night Out is Madonna-esque.

So inbetween Number 1 Angel and Pop 2 someone got access to her Google Drive and leaked a bunch of tracks, some full songs, some demos, some snippets. It’s really just the tip of the iceberg as people on Discord have shown they have even more stuff (playing snippets of Taxi and Blame It On You - that would be reformed into Track 10 on Pop 2)

The “World” album sounds like a fanmade compilation of the more complete tracks (“XCX Girl In A XCX World” was a phrase Charli had been throwing around for a bit too). Not a complete list but here’s what’s been leaked so far that should be available somewhere.

Can You Hear Me
Come to My Party
Daddy Knows
Die 4
Down Like Whoa
Girls Night Out
Good Girls
I Wanna Be With U
In the Darkness
Our Boyfriend
Queen Lizzy
The One I Die For
Wanna Do

I’m not sure what she plans to do now to be fair, recycle some of the leaks or scrap the entire project and start anew, she’s continually writing so I imagine she’s kind of over these ones now. I hope they all surface eventually, even if it’s some B-side compilation at a later date, tracks like Come To My Party are far too catchy to leave unheard.

Aaaah, that explains it. Thank you!

In other “what robluvsnic thinks/knows about Charli XCX” news: I listened to Sucker for the first time only yesterday, and I’m annoyed that I didn’t give it a go when it first came out. I really liked a track or two from True Romance (specifically, “You”), but “Break the Rules” grated, and so I didn’t bother with Sucker at the time. That was a mistake, because it’s excellent.

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Bumping this. I started a thread about PC Music a while ago, as I am a big fan (though I find some a bit hit and miss). As others have said upthread, this is insanely good. AG Cook is on fire.


Pop 2 is so fucking good, this’ll be sensational


Best album of the year. December 17 is 2018 in year list terms obvs.


Agree 100%

If I don’t get tickets I will be gutted. It is a 700 or 1000 capacity venue so I am slightly less nervous than I was when it was announced

I want to go to POP2 in London SO MUCH but I live in Manchester and got school to go to, so I cannot :,(

Massive shame - she always eludes me! I’m in Manchester that night to see Foo Fighters (but mostly for the support - Wolf Alice and The Cribs)

sold out instantly - no luck

Same. Lots of people on twitter criticising the ticket distributors, I dunno how it worked but there was literally nothing at 10am

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Yeah normally it’s people saying ‘wahh it sold out in the space of 4 mins’ or whatever but this was literally the moment the clock hit 0

Tiny venue though innit so I guess it’s not surprising. People criticising ticket vendors is completelt pointless, I never understand exactly what people want to happen - for gigs to just never sell out?