Childish Gambino

Not a huge fan of Childish Gambino but this video is pretty damn effective. Song ain’t bad either!


Video is intense.


I reckon after 17 months of inactivity you’re okay to start a new thread :wink:

Incredible video, anyway.

Dunno why but his attempts at rap always come off as so insincere and derivative. Marginally better than the stuff on his first couple of albums but still pretty basic and pretentious at the same time.

Video is good though. And Thugger on the outro is nice.


So much this - I find it really hard to get my head around. A great guy, great writer with great production/instincts etc - but something’s always missing when he raps.


This is a great video. Not hugely knowledgeable about his stuff but I quite like the song itself.

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Never really got into his rap/music but this is great

Great song and great video.

This mean Childish Gambino has like, two good songs now? Kinda crazy that he’s headlining festivals based on that (guess that’s what happens when you’re Lando).

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Jared Leto’s band have zero songs and seem to be huge so I guess sexy movie stars will always sell

Maaaan that’s subtle


people have been into his music since Camp in fairness - he’s got at least 2 more good songs than J Cole for example and that guy is the 3rd biggest rapper in the world somehow


Camp - 1.6
Because the Internet - 5.8
Awaken My Love - 7.2
Next album - 9.7 and Best Album of 2018


song is better than any of his other stuff ive heard, which i liked but didnt love. video is fucking great tho eh


dangerous night is a banger, although admittedly i thought it was a song by a Swedish house mafioso until i discovered otherwise

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Love how the DiS hivemind gives the most talked about song/video since-God-knows-when a total of 14 replies. Either we’ve transcended all types of cultural significance or we’re all utterly irrelevant. More (or less) please!

All feels Kendrick-lite to me. Love Glover as a guy and a writer but still don’t buy him as a rapper.


Haha it is a bit strange.

I love it, but I don’t have anything more to add. I think its’ greatness speaks for itself and there are not any hot takes required - especially from a forum that mainly consists of white british people.


Just wanted to reply so that this video and the boards have greater cultural significance



Another one, almost breached 20 now.

Yeah I don’t have much to add. Amazing video. Great guy. Decent song. Patchy output to date.

I think the music boards are a product of their time. They were the logical evolution of music magazines of the early 2000s, and now if people want to voice their views on something they’ll do so on Twitter and under the YouTube video. Its like how people at work are moving from email to working in Slack and Whatsapp. Long form communication is less popular and necessary. I also recognise many of the bands talked about on here still, whereas on festival posters and Spotify, that’s not the same, so maybe the music boards themselves are tied to a specific era? Could be wrong, Sean may have data and article hits that says otherwise.

The Social boards have oddly become more important and embody the tolerance and positivity of the place now, in a sea of internet hatred. The music boards to me now just seem like a subthread within those.