Civilization with a zed

By request, a thread to discuss all things Civ, the game that devours the living hours of those who fall into its clutches.

Feel free to chuck in favourite versions, leaders, funny stories and of course moans. As well as anything else.

So, I will join the einherjar in Valhalla and feast, while you toil away here.

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Going to back this, I think:

used to play colonization more as a kid.
looking forward to the switch release.

There’s going to be Colonisation on Switch? Fantastic. I’m there for that.

Only played Civilization 1. Didn’t seem like there was any way they could improve on it, so never got any of the others.

no, Civ on switch - sorry :confused:

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I’ll kick off with my current game of Civ 6 with the Rise and Fall DLC.

One of the things I like about the latest versions of Civ is that you can if you want get through a game with minimal fighting if you don’t want to. As Poundmaker I was busily amassing a huge capitalist empire whilst quietly leading out on science and culture with the aim of picking one in the endgame. I was allied or friendly with everyone except Sparta, my main competitor.

Around 1800 just as I was trying out making an airforce for a laugh, I noticed that the Dutch (who I was allied with) were hoovering up all of Brazil’s cities and Pedro’s capital was about to rebel. So on a whim to show a bit of solidarity I denounced Pedro (who I had been allied with before) and then declared a Colonial War on him, not intending to send a single unit anywhere near him.

A couple of turns later I become the subject of a 60 turn (!) Betrayal Emergency, where my nearest neighbours, the Romans and the Dutch(!) were invited to capture my capital. I reasoned since I was in a war now I might as well fight it, so I started practising with my newly built bombers and fighters, annexing most of the Roman Empire (and accidentally putting Trajan out of the game) and razing a few of the Dutch coastal cities (just to annoy them).

I spent most of a day coming through that, in the meantime not managing to pull away from Sparta in either science or culture. And now three of the remaining leaders all dislike me an eyewatering amount because of my “warmongering”, including the Dutch who started it all. Not Gorgo though. She loves a bit of aggro.

Could be in for a trickier than usual endgame.

I went cold turkey. I think the addiction is broken now.

My other half noted that I started losing weight when I stopped playing :confused:

There were ways to improve on it. Eventually they managed to make a version where you didn’t spend the whole of the last 200 years of the game painting the entire map with railways.


Boo! Really want to play Colonization now

Yeah it’s one of those games where cold turkey is definitely required, rather than an easing off. Think I’m near that myself now. Need to read a book instead.

I go through a period every 3 or so years of downloading/installing that and transport tycoon deluxe.
do nothing but play them for a week or so then uninstall and say ‘never again!’


I had a good twenty years of my life taken up with it though. There’s too much else going on in life these days thankfully.

Versions played:

  • Civ
  • Civ 2
  • Civ 3
  • Civ 4
  • Civ 5
  • Civ 6

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Needs to be multiple choice.

Should also include Colonization, the remake, Alpha Centuri and Beyond Earth really.

But I enjoyed that bit. Until Gandhi nuked me. Always bloody Gandhi.

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I know. Idiot Dickhead me.

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Think I had Colonisation. Can’t remember a thing about it though.

Was Civ 2 the one where you could go into space, only nobody ever worked out how you did it?

Yes. Chris Sawyer satiated my desire to paint the world with railways far better than Sid Meier ever did.

You had to build the Apollo program, then about a billion spaceship parts and then finally just before you won, someone else would win instead.

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No there was a version with an actual space map layer that you could move some units to.