Hands down the best soft drink, obviously. Regular coca-cola is the best form by an absolute mile but Pepsi isn’t bad either and I don’t mind a supermarket coke (6 cans for 90p or whatever, you know the ones). Best in a can rather than a bottle unless the bottle is glass. All diet versions can go down the sink. ColaTalk please.


Dr Pepper > Cola


Prefer diet to real coke I’m afraid


This isn’t the Dr Pepper thread, sorry for the misleading title.

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You would.

Genuinely don’t think I’ve had a cola for around 20 years :woman_shrugging:

Not looking for indie points, just never feel the need to drink it…

Also, the first person to come in and say that those fancy Fentimans or whoever colas are better than Coke is just simply a liar.


I do!

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think we went through this the other day and decided it was Irn Bru

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Coke is great. Coke Zero is surprisingly palatable. Dr Pepper is great, but not all the time. Diet Coke is shite, especially those citrus varieties. I have 7Up with a KFC these days, which works very well. Pepsi Max is the only tolerable Pepsi, and is quite nice in a totally different way to Coca-Cola.

Sorry for the Dr Pepper/7Up chat, but you said it was the best soft drink. Different drinks for different…needs.

Fentimans Cola tastes like regular cola when it’s been sat out for a week. In a museum.


Coke is terrible and makes my teeth feel itchy

Would rather have nothing than any variety of Coke

Cherry coke is good.

Otherwise it’d be Pepsi Max or Coke Zero for me.

The Fentimans Curiosity Cola and Cherry Cola are very nice but are probably not really for this thread.

Nah they ruined Dr Pepper.

Pepsi > coke.

arcade pepsi man GIF

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Vanilla Coke > Lime Coke > Cherry Coke > Coke Zero > Diet Coke > Coca Cola > that weird new Intergalactic one > Strawberry Coke

Pepsi is fine but its annoying how their new flavours are always just rip offs of whatever Coke have brought out months before

Weird innit. Every other soft drink the cheap ones are acceptable and the posh ones are a nice treat.

Pepsi and Coke are the only 2 worthwhile colas. Cheap/own brands are foul and fancy ones taste like fizzy jagermeister


Oh yeah, Cherry Cola is great, as is Vanilla.

Want to try those weird new ones but not seen them anywhere.

get yerself to a Co-op

What is it that makes Coca Cola so good?

Ah yeah.

This isn’t the Irn Bru thread I’m afraid, sorry for the misleading title.