Contemporary grunge

Thread prompted by Narrow Head’s “12th House Rock” (came out last year):

Individual tracks remind me variously of Silverchair, Helmut, Gish-era Smashing Pumpkins, maybe Alice In Chains.

At any rate, made me think about how I rarely hear any new releases that are unashamedly post-Nevermind grunge. Is this because no self-respecting kid today would be caught anywhere near a flannel shirt, or is it more that grunge artists have more sense than to make themselves known to the likes of me?

In the thread below, link me to contemporary grunge, with your best guess at a sound-a-like. Alternatively, argue about what is or isn’t grunge today.

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the death of Kurt was such a big moment that it was kinda hanging in the air for absolutely ages afterwards

reading Kerrang around 2002-2004 his death was mentioned an incredible amount, not just by journos but by bands too

so I think that might have had an impact on the levels of interest that there are around grunge as a movement now

Oof that track is a bit grim.

The Vines

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Hm. If the album artwork of the most recent bandcamp releases tagged “grunge” is anything to go by, grunge went over to metal and never returned:

been thinking recently even though nirvana where this huge iconic highly influential band, it doesnt feels like much of their music exists in the public consciousness that much, smells like teen spirit aside

30 years ago now. I wonder if we’ll start seeing a revival.

Bands like Creed and Puddle of Mudd kinda made grunge a joke for a while, which sucks

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I finished a shit videogame from 2014 the other day and a bad cover of Heart Shaped Box played over the credits

Still see kids around town in Nirvana hoodies a lot

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I think of About a Girl at least once a week


yeah I think they are still very popular, and remain a gateway band for kids to this day (which is weird given how long it has been), just dont hear their music very often unless I seek it out. reckon it is because never mind sounds super dated and in utero too weird for mainstream applications

I reckon if you stick Kerrang TV on they’re still played every hour

is kerrang tv still a thing, is it on freeview?

what about scuzz and p-rock?

It isn’t but its recently been made available until mid March. I watched '50 best alt rock songs’on Saturday night. Biffy Clyro and Kings of Leon were both on there 4 times each.

Scuzz and p-rock are both dead, P rock ended years ago


I don’t think Nevermind sounds dated. And I’m not even a big fan of it.


bet they played violent delight right up until the end

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there are very very very few bands who have released more than 1 song that’s widely known

Arctic Monkeys say, I reckon public awareness of their music is mostly restricted to I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor

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a final performance from Whitmore, never to bother anyone again

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Vintage trap