Has anyone watched this? Currently on the last episode of the second season which I plan to watch this evening.

It’s a German critically acclaimed Netflix original drama that centres around time-travel.

Quite enjoying it despite the fact that, as with anything which incorporates time-travel it properly sends my head spinning when trying to understand everything that’s going on and the implications of it all. For example, just remembering who is related to who is something that I’m still getting a bit confused with now. We’ve basically been rinsing through it, but had a few days break and even though it was brief my head was like “I have no idea what’s going on now”. Despite all of this, and the relatively slow pace, I’m still really enjoying it and it’s refreshing seeing a cast where I don’t even vaguely recognise a single person.

My girlfriend’s struggling to enjoy it as much though, mainly because every single person is fundamentally shitty, so it’s hard to “root” for anyone, but is still interested enough to want to know how it ends.

Only three seasons apparently, and thankfully one of those ones which chose to end where it did, rather than have a botched and rushed ending due to a cancellation.

Would recommend!

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Saw the first series. It was ok.

I kept getting confused on who was who across the time lines and then left it.

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I thought it started really well, but became a bit of a confusing grey mush around the second season, jettisoning any kind of plot for cheap twists which basically amounted to “ah, so x is actually y in the future / related to z”.

BUT I remember being impressed with how they managed to wrap it up in the last few episodes, considering how utterly impossible that seemed earlier on. And kudos to the writers for not dragging it out for ages which Netflix would have absolutely let them do.

Also enjoyed all the characters saying “zukunft” a lot, it’s a fun word.

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This is pleasing to hear. I have to admit that at the point I’m at right now, I could almost imagine them going in a bit of a Lost direction i.e. pissing themselves and crying because everyone worked out none of it made any sense.

I’m disappointed that I’ve not heard anyone say jawohl yet. Very uncool.
I am also enjoying the “that’s the same word as in Dutch!” and “that’s the same word as in English!” game.

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The first two series were really good… been meaning to watch series 3, but trying to remember what the hell was going on seems impossible without a load of charts and graphs.

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It’s also nice to see something that’s based in Germany that has no reference to the wars too.

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Yeah, definitely this. I genuinely feel like if I don’t get watch it all relatively quickly then I’ll get totally lost and lose interest. I’m bad enough with that sort of thing at the best of times, but would have no chance with this if I left it for more than a couple of days.


I won’t start a new thread but I was pretty disappointed with the German horror series Hausen. Saw two episodes and it was very much style over substance.

We watched it all a couple of months ago, although my girlfriend decided to give up and just watch bits of it by the time it got to the third season.
It was confusing for a long while trying to figure out who everyone is/was, and often just had to pause it whilst we stopped to try and figure it out.

I don’t think I loved the third season as much, but it did do a great job of pretty much thing everything together. I think three series was the perfect length for it.

I absolutely loved the soundtrack though, especially the songs that they play for a longer period towards the end of each episode. Often already songs that I knew and loved, or had forgotten or I didn’t know and wanted to Shazam to see who they were by.

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I loved it. It was incredibly impressive in its ability to make sense and remain grounded in an actual followable timeline despite jumping around so crazily. Although a few times it had me quite mad at how silly it had gotten.

there’s a bit in s3 where 4 versions of Martha are in the same room with 2 versions of Jonas and I just had no idea what was happening

A fun drinking game you could play is to drink every time a character does something inexplicable to someone else and says painedly “es tut mir leid” or “es tut mir so leid”


I’m two episodes into season three now, so just ahead of you.

I’m absolutely entranced with it, so impressed by how intricate it is and how much you have to keep on top of, but I think I am just about managing to. I have a theory about a twist that’s coming up but I won’t share because I don’t want people who’ve seen it to confirm or deny it lol.

Had a big dream about it the other night where I was caught in a similar loop with loads of people I know and it was terrifying.

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Yeah I thought it was good how the 33 year conceit allowed them to skip that period entirely! :smiley:

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I really love time travel as a concept in fiction and this is the best example of it I’ve seen that manages to tie everything together in a (so far) coherent way. It does a much better job than Primer at having a coherent plot while still being really complex.

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How good is the casting for all the different characters at different ages btw


Good point! Some of the song placements at the end of the episodes are properly divine.

It’s Ben Frost who did most of the rest of the soundtrack, right? I will admit that at times I find it perhaps a little heavy handed, like really trying to ham up the tension with evil synth noises, but mostly it really sets the mood well, and really adds to the general sense of foreboding.

Do you think they intentionally cast Ulrich with his distinct nose so he’d be easier to cast at different ages? I have to admit though all three actors playing him would 100% be believable as being the same person.

Oh maybe! Couldn’t believe how good old Ulrich was, the stare, mannerisms, etc.

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Watching it with the subtitles was so funny because you just occasionally get




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OK… Two episodes to go and I’ve realised I’m just too stupid for this series. Not long after I started this thread I really started to lose patience with it with the next few episodes and by this point it’s feeling kind of a slog, just wanting to get to the end to find out what the hell is going on. It’s unusual to have a show that requires you to have to think so much about the relationships and timelines and things like that with so few reminders of who is who and what their motivations are. Things are happening which I feel should invoke some satisfaction in their revelation, but I keep thinking “I have no idea what the significance of that is”. Particularly keeping track of which Martha is which and what the hell is going on with Jonas. Reckon tonight’s the night I’m gonna finish it, but don’t hold much hope at this point to really understand what’s happening.

That all sounds very familiar! You’ll have a general sort of understanding about how it’s all tied together, without fully understanding it all. But then it will finally be over and you will be relieved.

I was just so happy that there isn’t going to be a fourth season that is still to be released in the future. I have no idea how anyone would be able to cope/understand/remember if they had to wait for the next season to come along. It’s hard enough to understand and remember most of it if you’re bringing it!

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