David Byrne

New album ‘American Utopia’ out at the start of March. Lead single:



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Horrible production but it’s quite catchy, I suppose?

I thought the single was quite good!

Album features contributions from Brian Eno, Oneohtrix Point Never, Jam City, Sampha, Happa and others.

Killer verse, sounds like LCD SS, chorus a bit thin after, but all in all, I’m in.

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Tour date klaxon – on sale Friday 19/1:

David Byrne UK tour dates 2018:
Thu 14 Jun – New Theatre, Oxford
Fri 15 Jun – Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow
Sun 17 Jun – Symphony Hall, Birmingham
Mon 18 Jun – O2 Apollo, Manchester
Tue 19 Jun – Eventim Apollo, London

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Brilliant, his show with St Vincent at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall was fantastic, and this one is on a Friday night!

Wonder how much tickets will be though…

Hammersmith Apollo gigs are usually £35-45 – about what I’d guesstimate.

The new single is certified banger in my book! Very tempted to get tickets for either the Oxford or London show…

Spotify presale is a-go.

Offer code: utopia
Ends January 18 at 23:59 GMT

14/06/2018 Oxford, England Tickets
15/06/2018 Glasgow, Scotland Tickets
17/06/2018 Birmingham, England Tickets
18/06/2018 Manchester, England Tickets
19/06/2018 London, England Tickets

link - https://www.axs.com/uk/series/5764/david-byrne-spotify-presale-tickets?skin=aegpresentsuk

Gonna hope for a festy date either here or in Europe, personally. Tres skint.

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London Apollo pre-sale as well. Tickets not as expensive as I feared (£50 for standing).

Thanks for this! Got a couple for Glasgow

I like this

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Absolutely stunning! Wonderfully melancholic vocal performance from Byrne and top production work from Daniel Lopatin.

Can’t stand the guy. Always sounds like he’s selling rides on the ferris wheel.


Didn’t realise this what out so soon, streaming on NPR now…

So what does everyone make of American Utopia then? Fairly enjoyable overall I thought but christ that line about the dick of a donkey (along with a few other clunkers) is woeful…

Should have taken a leaf out of Scott Walker’s book and sung about punching donkeys rather than about their dicks


Aha not sure that would have quite kept with the tone / message of the rest of the album :grinning:

Also Dave sure makes a lot of canine references on this one, do you reckon he’ll be a fan of Wes Anderson’s new flick?

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This is quite… bad isn’t it

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