Deafheaven - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love



That’s yer Deafheaven back.


Like it on first listen - quite blissed out in places. Been itching for more from these guys.


'Cited. Fucking love 'em I do.


My most awaited album of the year I reckon


This is fantastic news, been craving another slab of their black metal :metal:


Get in!!! @ericV



This is really good as usual and I’m v excited for the record


I’ve never really listened to much black metal. might start with these guys.


The cheesy metal riff at 4.45 is quite fun


@ericV I know you’ve muted us but will you still get alerted to this sort of thing?

Just checking.


I’m really hoping @ericV still gets notified.


13th July for the album!


Dont call it Ordinary Corrupt Human Love ffs


I think a lot of what they do is borderline cheesy, but this dipped a bit too far for me. Last quarter is total bliss though!


It’s not the best name, is it?


never would have had them pegged as Norwich City fans (oh and the song is nice too)


Super meh…


I like the new song a lot


Walked into work listening to it in the sun and it’s already grown on me hugely. Sounds like a mixture of New Bermuda and Sunbather. Enormous fun.