Death Cab/Ben Gibbard

Unsure if there’s any interest on here, but the Ben Gibbard livestreams he’s been doing from his house have cheered me up a lot.

I’ve been ultra busy at work and on top of the worry about everything that’s happening it’s been really pleasant to listen:

God bless musicians with too much time on their hands.


i love death cab so much

i need to catch up with some of these


He’s doing 2002-2005 tonight. Well on for that.

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Only seen the first one and a bit of the second so far, but have enjoyed those.

Finally finally awake at a time to watch one of these.

He’s so lovely <3

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Just remembered this exists

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That video is really something.

I wonder if he’ll play this at some stage!

The song has been stuck in my head since last night.

Haven’t listened to it in years but I remember the ATQ compilation Barsuk put out as being pretty nice. There’s a good Magnetic Fields cover (although not the one he played on that last live stream). It’s a curio more than anything I guess.

Watched the first 2 of these shows yesterday. Very good cover of Fake Plastic Trees.

Been loving these.

This one especially was amazing


We Have the Facts special this week!


Very long time since I’ve listened but was thinking this would be as good time as any for Ben & Jimmy Tamborello to record another Postal Service LP


Ben addressed this on his home concert series. He said they once tried to follow up, but their ideas didn’t work out. An example of lightning striking once I guess.


Great setlist for the last of his weekly streams.
Including Bjork’s All Is Full Of Love

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Bought the Georgia EP on principle but haven’t actually listened to it yet. This is so much better than it has any right to be.

Absolute flex that Not Chris Walla has set up both cameras to show off that he’s bang into vinyl

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Tempted to order the ep vinyl but no uk stockists as yet and their eu store is closed arrgghhh

I have the digital version, I don’t think there was a vinyl one for sale when I bought it or I’d definitely picked it up. Maybe it was US-only

Aye vinyl is a more recent announcement

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