Death Cab/Ben Gibbard

Unsure if there’s any interest on here, but the Ben Gibbard livestreams he’s been doing from his house have cheered me up a lot.

I’ve been ultra busy at work and on top of the worry about everything that’s happening it’s been really pleasant to listen:

God bless musicians with too much time on their hands.


i love death cab so much

i need to catch up with some of these


He’s doing 2002-2005 tonight. Well on for that.

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Only seen the first one and a bit of the second so far, but have enjoyed those.

Finally finally awake at a time to watch one of these.

He’s so lovely <3

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Just remembered this exists

That video is really something.

I wonder if he’ll play this at some stage!

The song has been stuck in my head since last night.

Haven’t listened to it in years but I remember the ATQ compilation Barsuk put out as being pretty nice. There’s a good Magnetic Fields cover (although not the one he played on that last live stream). It’s a curio more than anything I guess.

Watched the first 2 of these shows yesterday. Very good cover of Fake Plastic Trees.

Been loving these.

This one especially was amazing