Deerhoof thread

Rumor is their new album is all done, so should be out this year.

I only got into them about 5 years ago , so only really familiar with the most recent 3 albums. I have to go back and check out the others. Just bought the reissue of Half Bird ,so that will be the next stop.

Been pretty much one of my favourite bands ever since I was about 13, the run of albums from Apple O’ to Friend Opportunity is perfect. Even bought that cassette box set thing they’re putting out next month.

Somewhere between the two, really.

they opened for Radiohead and Beck in Dublin in 2006, first time i’d heard of them so went and downloaded a few random tracks from Milkman and Apple O in advance and quite enjoyed them. then we got to the gig late as our minibus had trouble finding the venue (a big park outside the city). on the long walk into the gig i could hear a couple of the tunes i recognised in the distance but we got there just in time for their last song, Come See the Duck, and all my friends were absolutely baffled and talked about how weird and shit they were while i sheepishly looked at the ground saying “they’ve got some good stuff though…”

also i was flicking through an old magazine from 2006 at home recently and there was an interview with them which mentioned that they played a headline show in Dublin city centre the night before and Thom Yorke was dancing on his own at the front for their entire set

anyway me and one of my friends from that show finally saw them properly 9 years later in Belfast touring La Isla Bonita and it was really great. they finished with Come See the Duck again which was probably the first time i’d heard it since but it was a lot more fun this time round.


Awesome band. Seen them live a fair bit, never see the same thing twice - always prepared to have my brain turned inside out whenever and wherever I listen to them.

Adding this video to the thread as it’s a :goat: performance.


New album Future Teenage Cave Artists


I am excited! Feels like it’s been the biggest gap between albums for such a prolific band.

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I got the impression they burned themselves out a bit releasing about 400 things back in 2017 tbf

New songs are great and weird, hoping there are some classic Deerhoof ragers on the album though!

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Hey-ho, I’m gauging int’rest for a Hoof Listening Cluub here: Deerhoof Listening Club

B-sides and rarities album on bandcamp this Friday. :slight_smile: