Deluxe box set chat

‪Deluxe box sets.‬
‪👍 Which have you been delighted by?‬
‪👎 Which seemed like a massive con?‬

Can’t remember what I paid for it but I remember being delighted by the Sleater Kinney box set that collected all their albums on coloured vinyl. Had a bonus 7"and a really nicely done book. I think it really worked for me because I didn’t have any of their stuff on vinyl at all and the music is so damn good

Oh and the repress of Songs Ohia The Lioness (a box set released as Love And Work). Whole album’s worth of unreleased tracks alongside a great pressing of one of the best albums ever and all sorts of other stuff, letters and a plectrum etc. Really great box set that.


The recent Prince ones (Purple Rain and 1999) have been superb. The unreleased material is of such high quality and there is so much of it. Looking forward to Sign O The Times later this year.

Not sure if counts as ‘deluxe’ but my favourite reissue of all time is the one of Prefab Sprout’s Steve McQueen, which included a solo acoustic re-recording of the almost the whole album by Paddy McAloon which I ended up loving more than the original (which is saying something).

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The Numero boxes for Codeine and Bedhead are both really nicely pur together. Heavy card stock, beautiful thick booklets etc.


I bought a Velvet Underground box set in the late 90s from HMV. I didn’t know their stuff too well back then.

Really well packaged. All their albums and maybe a rarity/outtake song CD with a great looking accompanying book. I was pretty pleased with it. Looked great.

Looking it up just now it’s still available on Amazon.

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As a diehard fan, I really liked the New Model Army box from about ten years ago

The 10 inch square box will include:
Three DVD 9s with a total of nearly nine hours of footage. This will include concerts from The Marquee in London (1985) Dusseldorf Philipshalle (1990), Bizarre Festival (1996), and Koln Palladium (2006). It will also include all our promotional videos and a number of art videos, some of which have never been seen before. Finally it includes as much bootleg material as we have been able to squeeze on to the DVDs from all different eras of the band’s history.
A double CD Anthology with 30 tracks. Of course there is no agreement as to what ‘should’ be on this and we love the fact that each person reading this would pick an entirely different thirty songs. So instead we’ve asked band members past and present (and our closest associates) to choose and introduce their own personal favourites and, together, this has made an interesting collection that covers all the eras of the band’s history. There are no previously unreleased songs but there are a handful of new mixes, musical additions and new mastering.
An eighty page hardback book of photographs tracing our thirty years. Over 700 rare and never-seen-before photos from the bands personal archives, tickets, setlists, reviews, posters, interviews and more…
• Rare album pressings and memorabilia
• Handwritten lyrics
• Full discography with commentary
• Behind the scenes
• A tribute to absent friends
• 12 page question and answer session with past and present band members
• Exclusive live photos
• A complete list of gigs we have played
10” Art Prints of some of Joolz’s best work for the band. To introduce a small element of chaos, each box will include ten picked at random from a series of twenty-five.
An A3 New Model Army collage jigsaw puzzle (for you or your children).
A special 30th Anniversary car sticker
Stencils so you can spray the New Model Army logo wherever you choose.

The Purple Rain deluxe was fantastic; affordable and didn’t hide the archive material behind an exorbitant £150-200 pay wall unlike the unbelievable bloat of the 1999 box set and the forthcoming SotT. They’ve really screwed the pooch with the ‘deluxe’ versions by only putting on easily obtainable B-sides and 12" mixes as extras. To say I’m pissed about it is an understatement.

The Steve McQueen reissue is lovely, though.

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Probably one of these fucking show off, the guitar just lives there it is not part of the show off:

Probably either Random Access Memories that is really well thought out as a boxset, the best are probably either the Medicine box set or Neutral Milk Hotel. All the others are fine ones like the the LCD Soundsystem and The Weeknd I don’t count they have to be a boxset.

Suppose all boxsets are a con in someway but, the one that probably wound me up the most is the Foals “book” for the last album because by leaving a space for part 2 at the back there wasn’t a way round me not getting part 2 as the picture disc because it would ate away at my soul knowing it was incomplete.

Also what is something I’ve never really thought about most of the ones that had a boxset that I got when they were released, with the regular album, are not brilliant albums (looking at Metronomy Summer 08)

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the NMH and 2nd Bright Eyes one’s are great. Got the Mellon Collie one a few years ago and it is the worst sounding vinyl I have ever heard open goal here it is mastered way too loud and gets more and more distorted the closer to the centre of each disc

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I agree the pricing is becoming a problem. The biggest issue is the lack of options. Personally I want all of the vault material but I’m not bothered much by the live stuff or six slightly different versions of the singles. To get all of what I want I have to buy the ‘super deluxe’ version which includes everything. I feel I’m being pushed to buy stuff I don’t want in order to get what I do want. That’s capitalism I suppose.


David-Bowie – Outside / Earthling / Hours / Heathen / Reality box set is one of my favourites. All the late Bowie albums prior to his unexpected comeback with lashings of extras, all nicely repackaged. Underrated material, all told. Worth it for Outside alone.

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On the massive con side. For reasons unknown Amazon recommended me a boxset of the complete Queen studio albums. Coloured vinyl in a standard black box with Queen logo. Nothing else.


12 albums I think so well over £80 per album. Box is probably worth a fiver max.

Checked it wasnt some weird amazon anomaly and it wasn’t

I mean there’s one born every minute and all but even so.

I simply do not want umpteen live CDs I’ll only ever listen to once, if at all. I’m glad I’m not alone in this. There really, really needs to be a less bloated middle ground.

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I think if I like an artist enough to be interested in demos, outtakes etc I’m happy just for a digital copy as I’m very unlikely to listen more than a couple of times.

Having said that I’d buy an official version of Grand Mals (Elliott Smith)

Always wanted this. Looks really well done and thought out. Always out of my price range though

I was going to say Bedhead, so minimalist and perfect

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Quite like digging into the Matador at 21 box set.


AYe- the Codeine ones are incredible…quality vinyl, cd, strong bonus tracks, liner notes etc…Numero group are a classy label

I like Bedhead too so may investigate that one


The Fall Peel Sessions boxset was worth every penny. just a solid collection of material and nicely packaged.

Monster is one of my favourite albums of the 90s, and I think last year’s deluxe reissue is great for the new remixes. but still wasn’t worth the price & wince when I think about how I rushed to buy that on the release day.