Can’t find a thread for them but DIIV are a good band and have just announced a tour:

Brilliant band and I can’t wait for the new music.

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Was just thinking earlier, I’m finally seeing them at Primavera, which means they’re active and it’s now almost three years since Deceiver…

Hope they have got something new on the go.

This is a very good live session

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Thanks, not seen this yet.

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No prob, watching it again right now because its great. They’re getting better with every album imo. Prob the band I’m most looking forward to hearing where they go next at this point.

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Yes and quite swiftly. Only good eggs in the band now it seems.

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I was just thinking of that guy today funilly enough. Imagine getting thrown out of a low-tier indie band** for doing an AMA on 4chan. What would possess you to do that

** I dislike this band immensely


I’d be tempted by that Bristol date, but it’s bang on a significant birthday in my immediate family, and it’s not going to happen.

The stuff about Devin came out in 2014, and he didn’t leave the band until 2017.

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I also remember Dev being upset on twitter that he was being shunned in Brooklyn bars or whatever the fuck

Fair enough. He’s been out of the band for 5 years now though, hasn’t he


Maybe these are gonna grow on me, but they feel like such shoegaze by numbers tracks that it’s hard to imagine why they exist.

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Yeah similar feeling here tbh

I’m seeing double, four DIIV threads!




10 years!! Really hating anniversaries of album now I have the original pressing of this one.