DIS forum 2019 - Albums of the year - RESULTS

Yeah I’m baffled regarding TFS too, gets better with every listen. I’ve had it on repeat in the car since I bought a physical copy at their Islington gig.

It’s a great list but the one that sticks out for me is Fontaines DC. I actually quite like the album, but it is subpar-Oasis, who everyone seems to hate on here.

Don’t get the Oasis comparisons at all.

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Its a well deserved winner and absolutely worth checking out and falling in love with (though it’s their most subtle as their biggest single came from the other album released this year, and their other big tunes are from the previous two albums)

A victory for the absolute boys and girl which I will take some credit in harbouring their success, much like when I championed Relatives in Descent in 2017 (massive :wink:)

Thanks again as ever for your hard work @Prob500


Awesome work @Prob500, thanks for putting all the effort in yet again.

Looks like Chemical Brothers appear twice at 23rd and 31st (with and without ‘The’). Wondering if they should be consolidated for one higher placing?

Personally, Two Hands is a better album - but marginal

Good list i think - some to check out for me

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To me it feels like the two albums considered together possibly justify top spot (releasing two albums that good in a year is worthy of a prize) but neither of them on their own is really quite special enough in a year with some truly extraordinary records.

I think, finally, this is my feeling. They had the material to own the year and did it - and I think that’s incredible for a band coming from where they were (critical but not commercial darlings). But I’ll be looking forward to something more consolidated next.

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Great work @Prob500!
Cracking list, quite a few that I need to catch up on, starting with Self Esteem.

It’s particularly impressive given that Adrienne Lenker’s solo album was released late last year. I know there is a bit of an overlap but that is essentially three albums worth of good stuff in a twelve month period.

Whilst I really like Big Thief I still feel they’ve not quite released a truly definitive album yet. They’re definitely the best band of their type around at the moment.


Ahh ffs spent so long debating this I never submitted a list! Tbf I’m not sure my 5 of Alex G, Charli XCX, UFOF, BOCC and Hovvdy or Press Club would have made a huge difference but still …

Alex G not being in the top 50 blows my mind though, don’t get why he isn’t more popular


he didn’t make my top 5 but have been glad to see him crop up in a few other publications end of year lists


I’m surprised Hovvdy couldn’t even scrape into the top 100 - it was knocking on my top 5 and I like it quite a chunk more than anything else I’ve heard by them, or Strange Ranger tbh

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That hovvdy album and (sandy) Alex g album are really, really good.


Never heard of Self Esteem so I’m excited to check that out.

Tried several times and did absolutely nothing for me.

Just feels like a pretty perfect hybrid of lightly experimental indie rock, wistful folk, humour and some soundscape-y stuff that the forum should love.

Also In My Arms is basically just the prettiest, most bittersweet song I’ve heard this year


I haven’t heard about Self Esteem, too

It can be stretched back to Masterpiece and Capacity though, then you’ve got five great albums in four years