Do you like your name?

I think it’s a pretty cool name. Just don’t really feel like it’s mine. Also get a lot of people asking me if ‘I’m sure I’m not Scottish?’. Assume your cousin gets the same


Hate it. If anyone calls me my full name I cringe my arse off.

Stephanie, for the same family reason that my middle name is Stephen.
I was also apparently quite close to being called Cosmo.


Kirk :smile:


Kirk [your surname] is a very strong name tbf. Like a 50s private detective.


First name, more common as a surname, so people think I am being overly formal when I introduce myself.

Second name, strange, sounds a bit posh and as if it should be hyphenated. I am not, and it isn’t.

I used to hate it. It’s alliterative and everyone tends to sing it it back to me in some stupid way whenever they hear it. But since double barreling my surname after marriage I sort of miss it. Superheroes all have nice simple alliterative names. You wouldn’t catch one double barreling though would you? Not catchy enough.

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Shortened version of my name to most people, but to my school friends, a different name, that’s an abbreviated version of a name that similar to my old surname.

My folks gave baby me the name of a middle
aged man (Graham) but even as I get closer to the age bracket and become just a bit more crap with each year, I’m still not huge on it. It does suit me, I just don’t want it to :smiley:

Most people call me G which is nice


Linda, which may be the equivalent of my current name. Mrs me thinks it’s hilarious.


Hate my first name. Surname just is, doesn’t matter either way.

Was going to change my name or at the very least just invent a new name for myself when I went to uni but ended up at the same uni as my best mate from school so didn’t feel able to. After that have thought about it but just couldn’t be bothered dealing with the legal aspects. Don’t even have a middle name I can default to.

I’ve personally met three people with the same name as me, none of whom I’m related to.

First name and surname I mean, I’ve met lots of people with the same first name as me, it’s very common

We get lots of people telling us how nice The Child’s name is, which is at least 10000% more people than ever said that to me as a child.


Anthony along with my 9 character surname can be a right pain to write out on forms.

I was always Tony as a kid (apart from my mum) but I actually don’t mind Anthony nowadays.

I remember when I had a girlfriend and she would say my name it would seem wrong like mate you do know you are dating a guy called Colin?

My full name works ok though and has a sort of rhythm to it.


i have the same thing where i often just let people say it wrong because i can’t be bothered, mainly if it’s someone at work who i don’t speak to very much, or a trainer who is only with us for a couple of weeks, but then my work friends will take the piss and ask why i haven’t set them straight.

i’d almost prefer to have one of those Irish names that people are baffled by and have to ask you how to pronounce straight up - instead i have one that looks deceptively simple but is slightly different to how they expect it so the onus is on me so jump in and correct it.

it’s a common enough name in my hometown, but in Belfast it’s a mixed bag whether people will be familiar with it and will often depend on their background/what school they went to etc.

it’s such a minor difference though - the ‘th’ in the middle of my name is just pronounced as a ‘h’, so when i explain it to Belfast people they tend to get it (but will often forget by the time they next see me). but i’m consistently amazed at how much it melts the brains of English people. they’re absolutely incapable of repeating back the two syllables i’ve just said to them. even when i say “say it exactly as you were saying it before but remove the T”. nope.

there’s a weird English refusal to ever pronounce a H sound in the middle of a word, so you get them mispronouncing Doherty as Dockerty or Dougherty, mispronouncing Gallagher as Gallagger, and then they don’t know what the fuck to do with my name. i get ‘Caaaal’ a lot. for fuck sake lads, if you can pronounce the word ‘hotel’ then it can’t be that hard.

(why yes, i have spent a great deal of my working life having to speak to English people on the phone, how can you tell?)


I almost feel you’re suggesting English people are the problem here.

We usually are.


i don’t really like saying my name out loud either, i guess it takes a tiny bit of effort to say, and for a fast talking mumbler like me it’s all too easy to just run the syllables together and then worry about how i’ve said it. and i guess because i’m always pre-empting a “what?” any time i say my name

i know a few other people with my name but i don’t know any of them particularly well so it still feels a bit like an imaginary made up name in my head

really need someone with my name to get really famous and make it easier.