Drowned in Sound’s favourite albums of 2020 - DiScussion thread

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Predictions of what will be in the top 3?


Run the Jewels, Fiona Apple… aaaaaand… Phoebe Bridgers

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Gone a little earlier than planned.

How many of our albums of the year have you heard? Most? All? None?


The Anna Von Hausswolff album is called all thoughts fly.

Princess Nokia had an album this year??? Blimey totally missed that!

Thanks. I knew I’d make some mistakes not having a sub-editor and trying to do this with end of year exhaustion. Have fixed. (Must love that track too much OBVS!)

There were two in Feb. Both brilliant.

February was… This year? I thought they came out in 2018 or something. Blimey.

Yeah! I did have to double check.

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Heard 10 of these.
Always good to check out new stuff, will wait until the users poll list if out though.

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Great list, thank you! Lots that I recognise and love in there, and lots I haven’t heard of, but want to have a dig around in!

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Happy to suggest something if the words don’t draw you to anything. Describe something you’re in the mood for…

Got a backlog already and am open to listening to most things tbh but very much appreciate the offer.
Haven’t listened to any music really ti’s past few days as I’ve been in full Xmas mode.
I think once the user list is out I’ll tally to yours too and see what I’ve missed that I reckon I’d like.
There’ll always be a few that just aren’t for me and I know that before I start (harsh as that sounds but if I try an artist a few times and bounce off them I move on Yknow, there’s so much good stuff already).

Thanks again.
Hope you are keeping well mate.

Listening to the Gia Margaret album off the back of the email blast, it’s lovely thank you

I really liked the Laura Marling write up - part of me thinks I wouldn’t have been touched by that record in other years, but this year it’s just perfect.

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I feel like I always get really into her albums and then don’t really go back to them until I see her live and get pretty dismayed that she’s not even more revered. Was really confused the album wasn’t the favourite for the Mercury (though Kiwanuka was great!)

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That I Break Horses album is great - if there’s one album that seems to have flown under the radar that I would recommend folk check out, it’s that :+1:

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Great list of course Sean. Really enjoyed reading the write ups.

Think I’ve heard 13 all the way through.

Your write up of Gia Margaret references Jon Brion so you may like to check out, if you haven’t already, one of the albums I picked for my top 5 of the year - the soundtrack to Kajillionaire by Emile Mosseri. It’s got distinct Jon Brion vibes along with Micahu era Mica Levi influences and the bonus of a wonderfully woozy Angel Olsen track.

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Oh yeah! I love Miranda July and was hoping to try to watch the movie but wasn’t available last time I looked. Will try again.

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Film is excellent as long as you are someone who tunes into the Miranda July wavelength.

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