Drowned in Sound's 15 favourite albums of 2018 - the reaction

Thought our list might deserve its own thread. Think we’ve managed to get a really strong mixture of known and unknown, hopeful and hopeless, tuneful and experimental…



I for one am shocked that Low are the number 1 pick


Love that Gazelle Twin made the top 5. It’s an album I think I’ll find myself unpeeling for the forseeable future.
Also like that CHVRCHES made the list, Love Is Dead grew on me a lot. You did, unfortunately, choose the worst song on it to showcase :wink:

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There’s some discussion about this list here

As I said on the other thread I think this is an excellent list. There are some quirky choices in the lower reaches but the top four is good and pretty varied and the number one is bang on.


The new Metric album is hugely underrated. The Anna Calvi album is rightly getting plaudits.

All lists are subjective and personal. Overall it’s a good list.


Great to see Metric and Suede on there- two of my favourites this year. Is the Manic’s album really worth a listen?

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Two Exeter Bands on the list!

Really good list.


Some interesting choices, and the Manic Street Preachers.


One thing I haven’t been able to find is who is singing Over The Hills and Far Away on the last track of the Gazelle Twin album? It’s really starting to annoy me

It sounds like a field recording from a folk meet or morris dance.

I thought that but I don’t think it is I’m sure the original recording is a proper recording rather than in the field and has been treated by Gazelle Twin. I thought it was from Topic’s Voice Of The People at first but I don’t think it is. It is really annoying me and it isn’t John Tams (although it might be and its a version that I have never heard of his)

Well, firstly very pleased with No.1

But, more importantly, I really enjoyed the writing/rationale. Going through a really debilitating “musical ennui” atm and looking to get the spark back somehow. Reading the recommendations for things like Black Foxxes and Gazelle Twin made me want to immediately investigate, abs I can’t say how valuable that is for me, as music has previously been a solid crutch.


Great list! I’d have included BC Camplight’s Deportation Blues, which is my album of the year and Tinc Y Tannau’s debut Galw https://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/v=2/album=2328308974/size=large/linkcol=0084B4/notracklist=true/twittercard=true/

Here’s who voted for what, in case you’re interested.

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Surprised to see Muncie Girls on there. Really like that band but Fixed Ideals felt like a letdown; dull songs and a few too many instances of Lande sacrificing vocal melodies for the sake of The Message and cramming in lyrics that don’t really scan.

My girlfriend vehemently disagrees though so maybe I’m just a massive sexist

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“liking” the final sentence there :wink:

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