Early 00s Bangers / Albums

Been rinsing some early 00s shizzle lately… having a great time


Forgot this album existed

Show me whatcha got…


All genres accepted… mine were very post- everything at the time so…


Oof hadnt heard this til now. Liking it

Really like it

One of the first songs I got into by them

On a related note, just this week discovered this early 00s Tobin Sprout banger (released with his short lived Eyesinweasel band)

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I know very little about GBV. I like what I like but bands/artists with ridiculously huge back catalogues are always an off put especially when they are MEGA prolific. Absolutely guarantee I’d love heaps of their songs but I just cant cope with how they deliver albums right now… similar to King Gizzard… saying that, just put their top Deezer tracks on and WOW… WOW

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This is what this thread is all about… good times

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This massively reminds me of the days when my now musically disinterested brother was briefly a massive indie bellend like me


Was into them at the time, not massively but enough

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Ha just put it on… yup decent

Oh man just listen to Bee Thousand, one of the greatest albums of all time imo

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Have done, that Alien Lines and Propeller are my faves. More meaning the 3 albums a year thing going on now… not interested. One, two or even three might be brilliant but I cant be arsed finding out … chill boys

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Ahh fair! I really like most of the stuff from the first reunion but the most recent ones have been diminishing returns imo (Space Gun and How Do You Spell Heaven are decent enough albums but last years were all ‘a couple of good tracks in among a load of shite’). Was delighted to finally see them live last year though

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Breaking the “early” sentiment but idgaf

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I actually had to burn a CD to be able to listen to Our Color Green and Coloring Book recently. Fuck sake streaming sites, this is some of their best shit, get with it


OH YEEEAYAAH… no we talkin. BELTAR