Euro 2020 Friendlies Chat

  • It’s happening in England/UK
  • It’s happening in Russia
  • It’s happening elsewhere
  • It’s happening in the original multi country format
  • It’s happening in the original multi country format but without some of the original countries
  • It’s not happening

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Mad that we’re under 10 weeks away and we still know very little.

Who had tickets? I know me @BobRickerton and @tuna were going to tear it up in Bucharest for Austria vs. North Macedonia, anyone else?


  • France
  • Italy
  • Holland
  • Belgium
  • Spain
  • North Macedonia
  • Portugal
  • Other

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Still think the worst thing about Covid was the torpedoing of DiS on tour in Bucharest.


I’m really sad over it. Worst thing would be the game going ahead there but not being able to go. Really fed up with this whole ‘covid’ sitch

Had (well, still have) tickets for Germany/France (Munich), Austria v Netherlands (Amsterdam) and ofc the DiS boys Bucharest fixture. Huge shame obv. Had all the sleeper trains and that booked too. Anyone want to buy 200 euros worth of Austrian train vouchers hmu


Can’t believe you’ve missed Wales off this list.

I didn’t have tickets for this one as the group games are (or were going to be) in Rome (which I don’t particularly like) and Baku (too far/expensive to get to). I was going to wait and see where they were going to play after the group stage, tbh.

Had tickets for England vs Croatia at Wembley.

I hope that restrictions are lifted enough for me to throw some full pints at strangers when England score a goal. Otherwise what’s the fucking point, frankly.

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Gonna sideways pass us all the way to the trophy. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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had to check this was still happening yesterday

hope it does go ahead so the summer is a bit more fun

Got tickets for the Dublin 2nd round match end of June (potentially :england: Vs 🇩🇪:scream:).

No chance it will happen with fans in the aviva, tbh can’t even be bothered to speculate on what they’ll cobble together.

Suspect france will be clear favourites still, but we might see a surprise winner like idk denmark or Netherlands


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Voting with my heart here, I’d love to see Mancini get an international trophy. They seem defensively solid (3 conceded in the last 15) but could probably do with Immobile or Belotti having one of their hot streaks.

How much do we reckon a pint of lager in a plastic cup will cost at Wembley post lockdown

£9 I reckon


reckon the euros are probably better than the world cups.

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Last two world cups have been miles better than the last two euros imo, but in the 00s yeah I’d say so

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like seeing more of the ‘smaller’ footballing nations and i think the regional tournaments are better for that tbh.

The asymmetrical format of the last Euros fucked it a bit with three teams going through some of the groups. Not enough jeapordy and too many games played to not knock many teams out. Good job the WC is being expanded to bring it into asymmetric line. It is good that it brings new nations to the party though.

Portugal winning it despite finishing 3rd in their group and drawing every 90 minutes until the final was bullshit

Might have misremembered most of that but I don’t care

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Think that’s roughly right, I’m annoyed thinking about that again. The group with France, Germany and Portugal in this year sounds brilliant but they’ll almost certainly all go through.

Really winds me up. 16 teams, 4 groups of 4, knockout round of 8. It’s simple. If you’re going to expand, go to 32 teams or fuck off. The 48 team World Cup with groups of 3 is going to be such a nonsense.