Euro 2024 & Germany travel thread

Not a thread to discuss the actual footer, but more for folk who are going/thinking of going/general Germany travel chat.

I’m flying out on the 16th for a week. Staying in Essen and catching three matches while I am out there:

16 June Serbia vs England - Gelsenkirchen
20 June Spain vs Italy - Gelsenkirchen
21 June Slovakia vs Ukraine - Dusseldorf

Outside of that, will probably be hitting the fan parks and also grubbing around for any spare tickets for other matches. Maybe…even seeing some sights :woman_shrugging:

Just downloaded the official fan pass, which gives you free or discounted train travel around the host cities on match days which seems cool. Not actually sussed out how it works in practice just yet.

Let’s goooooooooo…


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I am travelling to Euro 2024…

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Flying out the 15th. Staying in Dusseldorf and going to:
England V Serbia - 16th. Say hello if you spot a skinny guy with glasses.
Turkey v Georgia - 18th in Dortmund.

Might try and get tickets to France v Austria on the 17th or might just have a few beers in Dusseldorf and watch the match at a fan park or something.

Any recommendations for Dusseldorf welcome!

Only really got 3 days there so a flying visit!

Will do! Also say hello if you spot, err, a skinny guy with glasses…

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Gelsenkirchen and Dortmund are both rubbish cities, luckily Koln and Dusseldorf are both nearby and great.

@Billa_Clack the altbier brewery pubs in Dusseldorf are a must imo, 5 pubs round the city that each do their own altbier, all have great and different atmospheres and makes an awesome pub crawl

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I’m going on 4 trips to watch 5 games, potentially more if Holland do well and I can get tickets for the knock-out games (big if).

Booked lots of trains due to a combination of German cities not having convenient flights (Hamburg & Leipzig, having to fly to Berlin instead) or only stupidly expensive flights (Düsseldorf, flying to Frankfurt instead).

You can get €29.90 single journey tickets for long-distance trains with the DB Euro 2024 ticket, €4.50 extra if you want a seat booking (highly recommended). I have noticed that for some of the shorter journeys it is a couple of euros cheaper to book a Super Sparpreis ticket than a DB Euro 2024 ticket. The Deutsche Bahn website will show all options though.

Also note that the DB Euro tickets are only valid for travel in Germany, and not cross-border travel. It is however cheaper to book a DB Euro ticket to the station closest to the border, and then an international ticket from the border station to your final destination. E.g. book Leipzig Hbf - Bad Bentheim and Bad Bentheim - Deventer as two journeys, instead of Leipzig Hbf - Deventer as one.

This is the site to use to book your train tickets:

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Feel like I’ve defended Dortmund on here previously. Used to go there periodically and think that actually it’s perfectly fine - good for beer, football, science stuff plus excellent zoo and nice city centre park.

Only been through Gelsenkirchen on the train. Football stadium looks big…

The stadium is great, part of a big complex but it’s a tram ride from the city. We just drank at the station then got the tram out I think (not been to either in a decade so my opinions may well be out of date)

Think we’re staying just about walking distance from Schalke’s stadium (maybe a couple of miles) :thinking:

Also, if you haven’t booked accomodation yet, you’re in for a shock. Hotel rates - except in Berlin - are eye-watering and it pays to see if you can stay in a nearby city. E.g. for the game in Gelsenkirchen I’m staying in Essen, and for the game in Dortmund I’m staying in Bochum.

Booked my accommodation a year ago, like a pro :sunglasses:

Obviously booked accomodation as soon as I got the ticket confirmation for each game (mostly in November and December last year), but the Gelsenkirchen tickets only became available last month.

And it’ll be even more painful if I do get Holland tickets for knockout games, which would mean booking a hotel with only a few days notice.

We decided to just base ourselves in the North East close to the four grounds around there and go to whatever games were available (the two guys I’m travelling with are Canadian, so have no skin in the game). Can imagine money actually following your team into the knockout stages of a tournament can be a bit :scream: :scream: :scream_cat:


At the moment it’s all academic. I was lucky to get tickets for every Holland group game, but the Dutch FA had an allocation of 10,000 for each. That’ll be reduced to 6,000 for the last 16 game and the quarter final, then 7,000 for the semi final, and back to 10,000 for the final. All irrespective of the stadium where the game is being played - the final is in Berlin, obviously.

We’ll see.

In that case…good luck I guess :+1:

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What happened to Leipzig-Halle?

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Brauerei Kürzer

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Me and a mate are going Round of 16 with the high risk high reward intention that Scotland finally manage to get out of our group. We will be based in Köln and just yesterday managed to pick up tickets to the game there that weekend (its worth keeping an eye on the official site/app as there are tickets coming and going quite regularly based yesterday, but be quick as they disappear almost immediately!) which is one of Scotland’s routes should we finish 3rd though obviously the priority is to be wherever they are playing (other options are Dortmund if we win the group, Berlin second and Frankfurt or Munich as well as Köln for third) but otherwise plan to go around the NRW area for games and see if we can get tickets and if not just go to fan zones etc.

Very excited, viel spaß alles!

Nice is there a map of these? It seems like there’s a lot of options for Altbier!

Looks good. Do they just serve Altbier. Bit concerned that everyone will just serve Altbier and it will be a brown ale type beer. Doesn’t sound that good for summer drinking.