Everything Everything - A Fever Dream

Fans? I loved the hell out of their last album from 2015 “Get to Heaven”

This new record “A Fever Dream” drops on August 18th.

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YES!!! :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

‘Get To Heaven’ is top 10 of the decade for me. Great fun live as well.

Colour me pscyhed.

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Always found it a case of diminishing returns with them on each album, but they’re always worth a go. The first album was absolutely great, and its funny that they now have some mainstream appeal.

Probably the best band in Britain (fight me irl). Get consistently better with each release and do something no one else is doing.

I’m so excited for this


The new song’s a cracker. Grabbed it off Annie Mac’s show and am re-listening now.

Man Alive remains my favourite EE album, but to my ears they’ve continued to be brilliant and interesting. Was so impressed by Man Alive when it came out - and a stunning, orchestra-enhanced gig at Union Chapel in 2010 only added to the blownawayness.

And some hero has popped it up on YouTube…

Man Alive was pish…decent albums since #hottake

This is now the best band in Britain thread.

But seriously, it’s probably between them and Metronomy for best band of the 2010s from Rainy Fascist Island. That’s not a particularly high bar at the moment (I’m honestly really struggling to think of anyone else), but both have consistently put out high-quality and interesting work.

Get to Heaven was class. Looking forward to this one.


yeah get to heaven was great and this new one sounds similar. Dig the way they flirt with mainstream sounds but make it all shrieky and intense and interesting.

Anyone got a link to hear it?

Great to see plenty of love for the Everythings. Arc & Get To Heaven are both absolute stormers.

Remind me a little of Talking Heads in the way they make music that on the surface is quite accessible and has strong pop melodies, but at the same time these they sneak in all these unusual structures, arrangements & creative lyrics.

Cannot wait for the new record! :grinning:

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Best band of the decade full stop. (pls don’t fight me irl)

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Love the band, nothing particularly special about the new track though after a couple of listens.

Seeing them at the weekend so maybe I prefer it live.

Official Video here

I’m all in. No one does anxiety disco like EE.

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Remember feeling that way about Distant Past tbh. On the album it felt completely recontextualised and I fucking loved it.

That entire album held together as a whole piece incredibly well and thematically it felt really relevant. A collecton of songs about global instability and the rise of IS etc that didn’t come across as preachy or patronising or too heavy lyrically to actually just enjoy the music.

The swelling synths in No Reptiles and when he sings “just give me one life to feel like I might be on the right path” are pretty perfect.


The only thing I would change about that album would be to finish on No Reptiles. It’s the perfect closer.

Yeah, I agree. I bought the deluxe version from Google play and so thought No Reptiles actually was the closer, and Warm Healer the first of the bonus tracks for ages. The two should be swapped around on the tracklisting.

Blast Doors is the one weak(ish) link for me - but it’s in the traditional spot for weak links on albums about 2/3 of the way through, so it’s the appropriate point to dip.

Whaaaa? I love Blast Doors - the verses are so over-the-top acerbic and it’s wonderful. But you are entitled to your opinion.