Everything Everything - A Fever Dream



Blast Doors really shines live. Nothing more fun than trying to keep up with the lyrics when a bunch of your mates know enough to try and sing along


I think it’s the verse that grates on me personally - always find the melody and lyrics a bit irritating. Chorus is decent enough though.

Saw them live a few times when they were touring the last record. First time they opened with To The Blade and that moment where the band kick in on “Trapped…” felt pretty special.


Best British* band of the 2010s, hands down. I feel utterly justified calling them the Talking Heads of the 21st Century. I haven’t been moved in so many ways by a band’s music in forever. Their ability to blend thrills with tragedy, unease with joy and present it in twitchy, layered, danceable art rock is quite simply phenomenal.

*and quite possibly the rest of the world.


I initially put them in the league of Bloc Party and Foals. When they 1st came out in 2010, I ranked those 3 bands:


  1. Bloc Party
  2. Foals
  3. Everything Everything


  1. Foals
  2. Everything Everything
  3. Bloc Party

I can’t say I prefer them over Foals, but man, I have only enjoyed their music more with time and new releases. I’d love to see any of those 3 bands together live, or just Foals and Everything Everything on a wide-scale tour. I’m not sure which band I’d be more excited to see.


Everything Everything are supporting Foals at The Eden sessions in Cornwall in July. I thought it should be foals supporting EE personally.


I went to the Foals arena tour last year primarily because of EE supporting. I like Foals (the last album wasn’t brilliant) but they alone wouldn’t be enough to make me travel and fork out arena gig money.


Love these cats.


7 new tracks in Nottingham. All very promising. Night of the Long Knives and Ivory Tower were the best. The drums on the former sounded colossal. A welcome return for summer.


Title track is up on that Spotify. 4 weeks to go :smiley:


New Single, ‘Desire’


Ooh and a nice music video too


A Fever Dream would be my favourite song released so far off the new album. Must have been great to hear it at Heaven. Sorry to miss that one. Anyone preferring Desire or Can’t Do?

Very excited for this new album. A remarkable band live and on record


Desire for me, but it’s all sounding wonderful.
“I’m a pencil-pusher / with the pencil-pusher blues”

So psyched for the album release :smiley:


Think Can’t Do was a perfect distillation of what they were achieving with the last album, and Desire is them pushing on to something more fresh.

Did those old post x band lyrics in capitals threads ever make it to NewDiS? Cos EE are the band I always enjoyed doing that with.



Sorry this is from ages ago, but Wild Beasts?


Each to their own but the only album of theirs that I really like was released in 2009


They’re playing some in-store gigs. Was at a 40-minute gig and signing at Rough Trade around release of Get To Heaven. Brilliant, intimate and cheap. They’re doing another.


This is tomorrow!

Listened to all three albums driving up to Scotland with the TV last Friday. Had practically lost my voice from belting out all the falsetto by the time we were through. So so good.

Been rinsing the new singles as well. Always surprised about how much their songs are ‘growers’ given the ‘immediacy’ and urgency of their sound. This band… :heart_eyes:


I’m picking both Fever Dream and the new Steven Wilson up tomorrow (regardless of DiS panning, this site and prog have never mixed), but I’m pretty sure I know which one is going to get rinsed the most. Can’t Do and Desire are constantly rattling through my mind.


For me, Boy King was so poor that it’s also had a negative effect on how I see their back catalogue, too. I presume it’s just temporary and I’ll be able to cognitively separate them in future (a new, better album would help) but I haven’t listened to Two Dancers or Smother in ages.