Favourite music art print


We’ve got a few music based art prints in our living room. Looking for another one to replace one of an artist that I don’t really want hanging on the wall anymore and need a bit of inspiration. Anyone got any favourites…?

(The last one I bought was this…)



I’m an old man and a lot of my 20s have Belle and Sebastian songs as the soundtrack. I’ve had these on my wall for a few years now.



Fave of mine.



Oh my. I might have to try and find this. But if memory serves, it’s a famous artist. One of my favourite albums ever, so…


Important album from my childhood, and first ever art print I bought.


Don’t like Linkin Park, but love Yoksay Yamamoto who did this.



Yeah, it’s called Two Candles by Gerhard Richter, we’ve just got a canvas print of it for the bedroom as have been doing a bit of redecorating!


Childhood makes it sound like I was 4 when it came out. I was 16, and bought it with my first pay packet.




Got this above the bed.


Don’t have any but would like this one:


Oh actually I bought this at a festival but have never got round to putting it up, 7 years on


Got this one framed;


As posted in the best artwork thread, I’ve got this above my desk at home:


Got this screenprint thing with Compassion by Forest Swords when I bought it from Bleep before Christmas, they had some exclusive run of it. Got it hung in my hallway


Have a few prints and posters etc in the house but this might be my favourite for all the little touches:


I need a second opinion on hanging LPs on your wall. Was thinking of getting album art prints, but then thought I could just do this (obvs my album choices would be way more cool and alternative)

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I’ve got some of those frames, and intermittently change which sleeves go on the walls. I like being able to change what’s up from time to time. This is the current set up: