Favourite pop punk song


its Walking On Glass by The Movielife right?


I’ll have to think a lot about favorite, but it’s amazing how the Dude Ranch singles are so, so, so much better than anything done by the bands that tried to make a career out of imitating them.


Pennybridge-era Millencollin was fantastic too. So much energy but with a sadness driving everything.

“Material Boy” is so good - I love the way the guitars flood in and the vocals escalate after the initial palm-muting of the second verse.


Oh Dammit is such a tune


No Cigar!


do tigers jaw count?


just this whole album


Mr. Chainsaw by Alkaline Trio is a monster of a song. I love how it feels like it’s gradually slipping away (strangely kind of like “On the Sea” by Beach House now that I think about it).


Just in case if Jimmy Eat World counts:


It really is. I hate it when people take shots at them, they don’t realize what talented songwriters they are.

Sometimes I think this is the best song Tom Delonge ever wrote. That intro and that chorus are so explosive.


FenixTX should have been bigger but there was a rift in the band that broke them up. These are two amazing singles:

All I’ve Got Is Time

All My Fault


remember There Is being a p-rock stable <3


Uhh yeah it might be actually.


Not even the best movielife song bro




this is now the Movielife thread


Faces or kneecaps for me clive


One of their least pop punk moments… probably why I like it. I don’t like pop punk


This - least of all for Ilan Rubin’s fantastic drumming


been massively diluted by the fact that every single band when i was a teenager (including my band and all my friends’ bands) would cover it endlessly