Film Club #43: ADAPTATION (Saturday 8 pm)

Welcome back to another cinematic journey through time, this time to the first shiny decade of the new millennium.


  • Please have a look on Netflix for films that were released between 2000 and 2010.
  • You may nominate one or two titles that you want to watch with the film club.
  • Nominations close on Friday evening around 8pm.
  • The nominated titles will be listen in a poll, and everyone will get two votes each.
  • The film that has won THE POPULAR VOTE by Saturday 6pm, is the winner!
  • At 8pm on Saturday we watch the film. You will get the option to partake in a live chat in the DMs, which is highly recommended. You’re also free to watch it on your own and discuss with us in this thread afterwards, of course. Likelihood of rating/5 is high.

A word to the wise to get us started, @discobot quote ?

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Thanks for NOTHING


Ok so I legit thought we had two days to go until Friday. Changing it to Saturday now so the system remains intact.

Never seen, it probably terrible but a big cast

Looking for something a bit more high brow but searching for the decade only brings up rom coms

Haven’t seen this film properly (think I attempted it many years ago but dropped out for one reason or the other) but people seem to love it

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ooh nice. was just thinking about posting a film club thread

some of these films feel like they were released yesterday and others like they are from a million years ago


I’ve seen this once or twice. Will be a love hate thing.

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i nominate

because I saw it at the time and thought it was shite, but everyone seems to love it so think I need to rewatch it


nominated this before, carl reiner loved it for some reason, let’s find out why


This might be better, haven’t seen it since it came out but I think it was good

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I looked at this but it says 2010 - does that count?

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Edit: Actually, no. Sorry.

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A very sad group of people is trying to disenfranchise the film club and we won’t stand for this. We were getting ready for a big celebration. We were winning everything, and all of a sudden it was just called off.


I demand a recount of…the years!

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I was about to very confidently suggest “Boogie Nights”

It came out 23 years ago??!?!?!

EDIT : sorry @ttf that was just to the OP.

However got to say that “decade starts at year 1” would mean 2000 was in the 90s. Not for me clive.


I cannot check UK netflix but if this is on there

then I can recommend it for some dumb time travel stuff.

I don’t think they made any films in the noughties. Just a few terrible romcoms and that.