Floating Points


This is great:


Love how they keep expanding their sound. New record is disappointingly short though.


Dunno why that first link wouldn’t embed.


Kites leading into that is a beaut as well. I do love Sam Shepherd, one smart cookie.


this is some proggy lovelieness. Supurb.


The accompanying film of them recording the tracks out in the Mojave desert is great to watch, and as JI says above there’s more goodness to check out on the record too.

Out of interest, any recommendations of good prog along these lines to check out?


I’m terrible at recommending stuff but Tangerine Dream always spring to mind when I hear Floating Points.


And this actually.


Great, thanks Richie. I hadn’t thought about Tangerine Dream in the same light, but now you mention it I can hear it.

I’ve got two records of theirs - one (Ricochet) that I really like and is definitely in the FP vein - and the other (a best of, I think of their 80s output) which is so awful that I think put me off exploring them further. Looks like I need to hunt out more of their good (70s?) stuff.


This new track is incredible: