Fontaines D.C

Couldn’t see a thread ? Seem to be getting a fair bit of hype off the back of playing with Idles, etc. Already announced a UK tour in November with a big step up in venue size.
I quite like them but some of their stuff does bring The Vaccines to mind a little.


Wasn’t sold on them to begin with but done a totally 360. Cant wait for the album. They remind me more of The Fall and a wee bit of Half Man Half Biscuit

Enjoying them. Seeing them on the Thekla in April

I prefer some of the songs on this (The Lotts, Roy’s Tune, for example) than the “Singles” that have been released to date.

Really like one of their songs, the others haven’t quite hit home yet. Looking forward to the album, though.

Been listening to their singles so far - strangely I always much prefer their B-side to the A-side in each case.

They were very good live when I saw them last year and I’m looking forward to the album. I dont know the name but I really like that “look at your face” one that sounds like The Pogues.

Total 180 surely? Otherwise you would end up where you were originally (i.e. not sold on them).


Haha check you getting all technical. You are right though

It’s out! And it’s quite decent. Realised I’d heard most of the 11 tracks already which is kind of a shame; but as an album it all works pretty well. Too Real and Liberty Belle are still the standout tracks though. The latter has been re-recorded actually to get rid of the reverb effect and sound more like the rest of the album. (Sounds less like the Vaccines @BarriElCastell) Think I prefer the original version myself mind. Closing track is pretty nice as well

Overall, pretty promising debut. Has got me eager to hear more, which is… a good thing?

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A few tracks have been re-recorded actually. Chequeless Reckless, Boys in the Better Land and Hurricane Laughter amongst them. They all sound more stark, for lack of a better word

Yeah its a pretty decent debut and will probably do very well, although I do prefer the darker and more introspective songs like Television Screens (brilliant) and Roy’s Tune to the upbeat ones or maybe I’ve just grown out of that type of music (probably this forums fault).


Roy’s Tune and Television Screen are nice indeed. Sha Sha Sha, The Lotts and Chequeless Reckless (still) aren’t clicking quite as much yet for me

Roy’s Tune is an obvious standout on first listen Last track is just The Pogues channeled isn’t it ?
Seeing them tonight at Brudenell for the first time.

Bit put out by some of the album mixes - Boys In The Better Land and Chequeless Reckless in particular. Grian’s vocals are obviously a big selling point for the band but bringing them to the front of the mix so consistently seems counterproductive to me. Probs just not going to be a headphone band!

Definitely prefer the earlier mix of BITBL, this one seems weirdly too fast and the vocals way too high.

I wasn’t really on board with them off the back of the singles I’ve heard and haven’t got the hype surrounding them and I’m not sure if I do based on my listening of the record.

The album feels very hit and miss on the one listen, the early part of the record felt quite turgid and boring but then when that double punch of Roy’s Tune and The Lotts comes in i was really blown away, the latter sounds like Script of the Bridge era The Chameleons, lovely stuff. But then Liberty Belle comes in and it sounds like the fucking Vaccines! It ends strong with Dublin City Sky, very Pouges esq sure but why not channel that? Whole record feels like a bit love letter to Dublin which can be a bit cheesy when bands are writing songs so indebted to their location but they pitch it perfectly.

Basically seems like I just like them when they’re doing the slower, quieter more introspective songs which is unusual for me as I normally veer towards the loudest snottiest tracks on a guitar based record. I think if they continue exploring that vulnerability they touch upon in this record in future they’ve got every chance of becoming very special indeed. I hope they do.

Yeah there’s a Whipping Boy vibe to their more introspective stuff which I love.


I think I must be the only person on this board that likes the Vaccines :sweat_smile: