Fontaines D.C


Couldn’t see a thread ? Seem to be getting a fair bit of hype off the back of playing with Idles, etc. Already announced a UK tour in November with a big step up in venue size.
I quite like them but some of their stuff does bring The Vaccines to mind a little.


Wasn’t sold on them to begin with but done a totally 360. Cant wait for the album. They remind me more of The Fall and a wee bit of Half Man Half Biscuit


Enjoying them. Seeing them on the Thekla in April


I prefer some of the songs on this (The Lotts, Roy’s Tune, for example) than the “Singles” that have been released to date.


Really like one of their songs, the others haven’t quite hit home yet. Looking forward to the album, though.


Been listening to their singles so far - strangely I always much prefer their B-side to the A-side in each case.