Football abuse scandal

It’s going to keep growing, isn’t it? You’d think after Savile it would be hard to be shocked at the widespread extent of abuse in our culture, but there just doesn’t seem to be a limit.

The latest from Gary Johnson is perhaps the most shocking thing so far tbh, £50,000 hush money last fucking year. Absolutely grotesque.

it’s so fucked up and while most of the stuff that’s come out has been about abuse in the past, it really drives home that there must be so many voiceless people being abused now as well

Would really, really like it if everyone could agree to stop calling it ‘historic child abuse’, giving the impression that somehow it’s all sorted now/dark crimes from the ancient past.

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I think so, stand by what I posted when it first broke

all really grim, hope that there will be accountability but the worry is that a few people (mostly long-retired) will be disgraced and jailed while the institutions and power structures that have created the environment don’t see massive change. Hope I’m wrong

Feels like a weird reversal.

The last wave was unknown victims of famous predators and this is famous victims and relatively unknown predators. Just as horrible, obviously.

Let’s hope this subject stays off the terraces.

Fuck, this is the first time I’ve put these 2 things together. I’ve fallen out of love with football a lot over the past couple of years but this’ll probably be the final nail in the coffin if it happens. A very weak ‘if’ there though.

I fear it’s a tough ask for some of the idiots.


Yeah it’s grim, I just hope if it’s happening to any kids now it’ll give them the courage to tell their parents.

Course it won’t

^this. After the Billy Sharp chants a couple of years ago I lost the idea that there might be any sort of taste barrier for the real bottom-of-the-barrel cunts

Hopefully there are enough decent fans to call them out on it. Like to think I would, although I stayed quiet when some cunt racially abused Zaha. Feel bad I didn’t stand up and call him out on it.