Football shirt thread

Apparently this is a shirt that inter will wear in a football game.

I actually think it’s quite fun, and I’m a big fan of a vertical sponsor. But it’s a training top really isn’t it?

And do we really need 4th shirts?


Also, supposedly arsenal are playing as ajax next year

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call me old fashioned but there are too many shirts per club per season now

A bad sponsor spoils an otherwise good kit for zombie Macclesfield’s jaunt round the North West Counties Division 1 South


Yeah I miss when they were on a 2 season rotation. Made much more of an impact and have way more memories attached as a result.

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That’s just an old Chelsea kit with a new badge surely

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Can see em being denied a penalty and opposition being all “Aww, boo hoo, MAN”

also don’t like it when nobody wears their home colours e.g. belgium v wales last month and neither side was wearing red


Hoogy must be delighted

In fact, was this your doing @aboynamedgoo


One shirt - two clubs

Just think of all the money I’ll be saving!


Napoli coming out with their 5th & 6th kits of the season. Games gone etc

Basically this again:


Bring back the Harry Hill collar.

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Feel like the top one has a back print of a wolf or something.

Benrahma becomes the latest signing for iron maiden fc