For the love of god...How do I stop Spotify shuffling albums by default?!!!!!!

It’s that simple… or it should be. Even just tapping the first track no longer really works because if you have anything in the queue it goes to that next.

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There is no default shuffle. An album will only play shuffled if you turned on shuffle for the album as described here. Don’t be confused by the big green shuffle play button. To listen to an album in order, tap the first track.

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Does that mean if I click first track the queue needs to be empty for it to automatically play track 2 afterwards? It just seems so backwards for albums… perhaps I should stop using the queue and just make an inbox playlist…

I’ve got no idea to be honest, I’ve never had that problem. I just copied and pasted from the Spotify help forums.


Never had this issue, tbh. Don’t want to point fingers but think you might have the settings wonky. Usually just hitting play on the first track goes through the tracks sequentially. Unless you’re playing from the artist page rather than actually in the albums?


Yeah, I sometimes notice it’s in shuffle mode, but that’s usually because the last time I used it, it was in shuffle mode.


Sounds like you will have to clear the queue first.

Unfortunately sometimes the Spotify queue keeps track of what you last listened to

Username / post interface


If you’re using the free version on mobile it only lets you do shuffle I think



And on playlists it keeps adding tracks you didn’t add to the point where it never plays what was on your original playlist.

Yeah you’ve got to pay 'em

Is this why you married into a Spotify Premium family?


Drove me mad, so glad I binned Spotify a few months back

I play all of my Vinyls on shuffle for a warmer, less predictable experience


In the Spotify app go to Settings > Account > Playback > Place In Bowl of Rice


My phone’s default music player often puts itself into shuffle mode which is very annoying but I don’t think I’ve had the same with Spotify

Oh yeah hadn’t thought of this as being the problem

I don’t understand what you’re doing wrong here. Just click the first track. And yes, your queue will need to be clear of other stuff you’ve put in it…

I’ve got money on it being the free mobile version

Oh fuck, yeah that only plays in shuffle doesn’t it?