Friday - New albums 05/01/2018

Only one release on my radar but it’s a fantastic way to kick off 2018


yas will be listening to this later on, so happy he has another one out so soon!

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Spoiler: It’s really great, like can see this being in my top 10 of the year kind of great (kind of silly saying this already but it’s a fucking strong record)


Gave it a listen earlier but was rushing and only half paying attention. Seemed up to scratch. Wasn’t as keen on his last, but loved the one before that.

The Black Dog seem to have an ep out too, only heard one track, which seemed pretty ambient.

Not technically a 05/01 release but the new Sidney Gish LP (released 31/12) is lovely


Thanks so much @rich-t, Loved Ed Buys Houses (one of my finds of this year, released the year before - when ‘this year’ meant 2017 and ‘the year before’ 2016). Will be listening to this one first thing!

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Only one I saw released of interest to me was Cupcakke’s new one. Anyway, January looks a good one for releases.

Care to give more info? I think typing Cupcake into Spotify will open up many avenues.#

I recommend the album I linked though wholeheartedly. Punky Indie Rock Power Pop

I assume the female rapper

Two Ks

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From her album last year. That’s was my pick in the AOTM thread I do. Worth checking out.

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Thank you sir, will check this out :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think.

She has some brilliant tunes. Her lyrics are even better.

Stuck it on ye old rotation, will feedback (it’s a big rotation and is replacing an album I just finished, YES I AM THAT FUCKING REGEMENTED WITH MUSIC, BITE ME) But you’ll be the first person I tell you about my feelings on this album

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(it’s a big rotation and is replacing an album I just finished, YES I AM THAT FUCKING REGEMENTED WITH MUSIC, BITE ME)

I recently forced a system on myself where I pick 30 albums (rotating 15 every second weekend, so they stick around for a month total), with the intention I only listen to those for the bulk of my time. I realised I was listening to a lot of things once or twice but nothing in any depth, which is how I’ve always got the most out of music.

In a world of infinite choice, a little regimentation isn’t a bad thing!


Yup exactly why I did it. I found it impossible yo pick out new music or let it grow on me. This way i listen to lots of new stuff across many genres and try to give everything at least 3 listens before swapping it out. Unless it really truly awful.

Strangely mine is also 30 albums.

Really enjoying this, thanks

This CupcakKe album is great, thanks!

Pitchfork gave the new album 8.3.

Well to be blunt I think it’s more of an 8.2 :wink: