Friday new releases 20 March 2020

Sorry if this is normally someone else’s thread but I think Friday releases are going to keep me sane for a while. What’s out? What’s good? As always descriptions are really helpful.


It’s okay, whoever gets there first creates the thread! :slight_smile:

I’ve only got one release that I know about today;

Lyra Pramuk - Fountain

Apparently she has collaborated with Holly Herndon, and definitely has a similar sort of sound. On first listen, I may actually prefer this album to Holly’s last album.

And just a reminder that Bandcamp are donating their cut of sales to artists today, so if there’s anything you like today or from previous weeks then today is a good day to buy! I’ll definitely try and buy a few today.


Not sure if it is a mistake since the release date is a month away but a debut album from Joseph D’Agostino (Cymbals Eat Guitars) is out and it’s really great.


brought forward for fans as a result of the virus I believe, and totally agree, its great!

Our new single is out. FFO: powerpop/pop punk/ songs that masquerade about being about space exploration but are about something else


Martha have put out a set of demos and covers for today.

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new Moaning. loved their debut


Going to give Brian and Roger Eno’s one a go… assuming it’ll be calming ambient stuff

Bobby Conn has a new one out. Sort of left-field indie rock with violin

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Baxter Dury plus Horse Lords album on their way to me this morning.

Gonna get all over The Weeknd simply because I’ve played that performance he did on SNL with Oneohtrix the other week at least 100 times this week and if the albums half as good as that I’ll be buzzed.

(Haven’t listened to anything since House of Balloons)


Field recording stuff from Lucrecia Dalt

Bits&Bobs roundup from Marissa Nadler

Ian William Craig :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:


New albums from Ian William Craig and Baxter Dury at the top of my list.

Then on a sizeable jazz fix which should sit well with working from home:

  • Tony Allen and Hugh Masekela’s Rejoice ““a kind of South African-Nigerian swing-jazz stew with its roots firmly in Afrobeat”
  • ‘liberation-orientated’ beat poetry jazz group Irreversible Entanglements’ Who Sent You?
  • Jazz is Dead 001, recorded by noted hip hop producers Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad with a series of American and Brazilian jazz legends

Barcelona-based Lapsus records have a sampler titled Quinze with unreleased material from artists including Steve Hauschildt, Telefon Tel Aviv and Pye Corner Audio.

Lastly queued up Brian and Roger Eno’s ambient collaboration Mixing Colours.


This Weeknd album is blowing me away. Sounds like he’s really tried to curate a cohesive album, while really zeroing in on songwriting. The sound of this thing is amazing as well.

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This is really good! Going to go back to your first album today now :pray:

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Yeah I’m 3 tracks in at the moment and it is ticking all the boxes

The Hold Steady have released a pay what you can live album. Always fun.

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Really liked The Midnight Hour, will have to check that Jazz is Dead

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got this on right now, fun ghanaian band, great album cover

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