Galaxie 500 & Dean Wareham

Couldn’t see a thread for this tour or general Galaxie 500 appreciation chat. Saw some of Dean Warehams set at Primavera a few years ago and his voice stopped me dead in my tracks. Definitely going to try and go to this.

Spectacular three album run with Today, On Fire and This is Our Music, all released within a year of each other. Really struggle to pick a favourite.


picture comes up a bit small but most dates are here.

EDIT- ignore, old tour.

You massive tease


Saw him a few years ago in Komedia Brighton. Maybe 2011. Stunning gig. Supported by Ringo Deathstarr. Go and see him if you can


Shall do

Galaxie 500 are in my top ten favourite bands ever but I’ve never seen him or Damon & Naomi live. (I do not rate Luna one bit.)

Love this song from his last solo album, which came out in 2014!?!?!

Just thinking about it now, I missed him when he played Galaxie 500 material in Ireland. I think I was protesting the fact that it wouldn’t be Naomi Yang’s basslines played by her. She’s integral to their sound.

Fingers crossed he plays Primavera now though, would be a perfect late afternoon set.

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(Photo is the correct dates tho)



Newcastle and Edinburgh <3

The three Galaxie 500 albums are amazing but my CDs (the 2 CD editions which have Uncollected/Peel sessions/Copenhagen) don’t work properly and I think they’re all out of print now which is annoying

Was strangely thinking about G500 first thing this morning. Might have to go to this.

always had a soft spot for that first dean & britta album

Yaaasss! Saw DW on his last ‘plays Galaxie 500’ tour and it was brilliant. So chuffed they’re playing my home toon too.


Seen him do this a few times. Always brilliant.


He played Indietracks maybe five years ago and the set was half and half G500 stuff and his then-new solo record. Really great stuff.

Pretty much what everyone has said, Galaxie 500 are great (and are responsible for 3/7th of my username). I think On Fire is their high point so will be doing my best to make one of the shows.
Never really bonded with Luna, Dean and Britta or Damon & Naomi in anything close to the same way despite seeing them all live but never seeing G500. Saw him ages ago at the Brudenell when he did a ‘… Plays Galaxie 500’ show. Not really into heritage shows and bands living off their past but I reckon that was the best show of its type I’ve ever seen, and pretty sure it was my gig of the year that particular year.


I saw him play Galaxie 500 stuff one Valentine’s day <3 But I don’t like some of the Luna stuff and I think, even though Galaxie 500 are one of my favourite bands, I’ll probably not go to see him again just to preserve that lovely valentine’s gig forever.

Hmmm, love Galaxie 500, but hate Fiddlers…

Fucking string sections spoiling Galaxie 500 :wink:

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Can’t imagine Kramer trying to play every instrument in a string section!

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