Good song, horrible recording

Radiohead - Burn the Witch

Now you!

Shoplifters of the world has a horrific recording, just sounds so muddy and damp.

Los Campesinos first album sounds like it was recorded into an iPhone 3 mic underwater

Hey I didn’t realize this was a joke thread

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Breeders - Divine Hammer (Last Splash version)

Sounds really thin and weedy in the context of the rest of the album…bad production on that one song for some reason :man_shrugging:

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It’s fine.

The good stuff on Pablo Honey however…

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Guided by Voices - almost their entire discog
The Smashing Pumpkins - Thats The Way my Love Is

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Led Zeppelin - No Quarter

Sounds weak af, think i actually prefer the Tool version

What? SotWU sounds great. Very 80s but great.

The good songs from letting off the happiness


almost all of Husker Du’s catalogue


Noise on M83’s Dead Cities is always a bit jarring because the volume level feels completely different from the rest of the album. I started listening to that album on Grooveshark back in the day and always thought it was an issue with the file, but that wasn’t the case apparently.

Metallica - blackened

Thats as far of that album i can get through because of the production


I’ve always thought Tool’s Undertow album sounded kind of muffled and thin. I always have to turn it way up and it never quite sounds the way it feels it should.

I should have called this thread “the live version is better”

Any goers on that instead?

Yes, but you might have just accidentally turned this into another The Smashing Pumpkins thread.

every good song from the 80s

most good songs from the 90s

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You need to listen to more records

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oh yeah Prince is definitely the exception actually

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The whole of the ‘Tender Prey’ album by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

Arguably the best set of songs they wrote but a very muddy sound not helped by some ropey performances.


Damn it sounds like I’m listening to it on a small speaker which is on the other end of a massive hall. It’s pretty grubby to my ears