Happy CREEP day, creeps

Play Creep!

Favourite 3 seconds in this Radiohead classic?

I reckon the last 3 seconds when the song ends is my favourite


Was on the Wikipedia page for Creep by Radiohead just yesterday in fact Thread lifespan test - #275 by j0hn

  • Creep
  • The Air That I Breathe

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‘Ima creep’ x 3


When you think the drums are gonna kick in and they never do chef’s kiss



Simply one of the worst bands to ever exist

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That live version when he says ‘this goes out to all my creeps out there’


This song is absolute toilet. And I like Radiohead.

i hope that it is never Creep day ever again

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Love that the song originally only reached #78 in the charts, selling only 6,000 copies.

Although I’d bloody love to get 6000 listens to any of my singles!


Remember that show where Patrick Kielty would sing Creep at the end of every episode?

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Thinly veiled “I’ve got a time machine and I’m not going to share it” post

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Last chance lottery?

That’s the one!

Don’t remember him singing Creep, I remember him singing “Sing, sing a song, sing it loud, sing it strong…” whatever that song is.

Last Chance Lottery was also responsible for this prime piece of content


Think he sang Creep at the end every week. Now I’m thinking I might have imagined that bit. It definitely happened!

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You know what I like, Sandra on Superstore playing the Ukulele and singing Creep

nbc sandra kaluiokalani GIF by Superstore

Best version imo.

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The bit where it’s played at their wedding is really lovely.

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the best part of “Creep” is when he says “‘IT’S CREEPIN’ TIME” and creeped all over those guys