Harrogate (not dead)

What do you make of it?

Bit too posh for me

I like how the park has a special pond for model boating

The town?

Been out there a fair bit recently. Full of posh people but decent vibes if you go to the right places

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Never been! Always imagined it’s quite nice, a bit fancy maybe?

I’ve never been but I have been to Wetherby. Are they similar?

karl marx once spent 3 weeks on a spa retreat there. think engels paid for it though

i’ve only been to wetherby for school athletics competitions, can’t remember what it’s like

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I’ll let you know, we’re off on holiday to a place just down the road from it tomorrow

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Where are you going?

I have only been to work odd shifts at the Harrogate International Centre. 4/10.

Easy to get to Leeds

Shall we guess?

I’m going to say… Mother Shipton’s Cave.

My parents live near there so I visit fairly regularly and grew up close by.

It’s changed loads in the last 20 years imo. Went from being a posh but still local market (spa, I suppose) town to a relocation destination for people from London and went incredibly upmarket as a result.

Still, it’s a pleasant place to walk around for a few hours and you’re close to some smashing places.

Was Engels posh?

Not much, what’s Harrogate with you?


I love it, got a really nerdy obsession with it for… reasons.

dunno but he was marx’s sugar daddy
might have also been really clever in his own right, no way of knowing

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i’d like to know these reasons one day

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I think Knaresborough is better tbh