Have you ever been in a TV audience?

Later With Jools (Tom Jones, Stephen Stills, Snow Patrol, Friendly Fires, Camille O’Sullivan and potentially someone else I don’t remember). It was when they had a short live show on Wednesday then the full one on Friday, so they recorded the Friday first then did the live one confusingly.

Only been in the audience for Countdown when I was on it - they film the 5 episodes of a week’s showing in one day, and I was on the ‘Tuesday’ show so I watched one show from the audience and then another two after my one show (I lost, narrowly), though I didn’t stay for the last one.

Wasn’t really an overly fun audience experience as I was pretty tense in the game preceding mine because there was a lot of buzz about how good the incumbent winner was (he’d won five in a row the previous day) - played along from the audience and would not have won that game, but had I managed to win my game (which went to a crucial conundrum that I guessed first but wrong, by one letter) I’d have won the next couple of matches as those contestants were far weaker. So was mostly just beating myself up rather than enjoying it.


No, and i don’t think I’ve heard of that. This was on some sky channel at a time when nobody had sky

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Have I Got News For You. Paul Merton was in a really arsey mood and no one was having fun. Griff Rhys Jones was desperately trying to jolly things along. Lee Hurst was the warm up act.

Yeah there’s an episode of Trisha from way back where I’m sat just to the right of her, I was on work experience at the time as my auntie was a producer for her

Fulham 1-0 Aston Villa in the 2018 episode of ‘EFL championship playoff final’ filmed at Wembley Stadium

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My partner is on the soccer am episode with your lot on :rofl:


Well, actually, as it happens…


Just throwing it out there, I’m the best audience member Countdown has ever seen. When I’ve gone to support my friends I’ve got the lads chanting and getting rowdy, I’ve organised signs to be held up in the audience and brought my gold pom poms.

The first time I ever sat in the audience I was wearing a knitted hat with two penises on and Nick Hewer saw me in the car park and did not look impressed.

They’re actually stopping the audience post COVID which is genuinely devastating. No more chanting :frowning:


And so did I.

Have been in the audience of many TV shows, including Have I Got News For You, The Last Leg and Pointless Celebrities. Once you’re on the list you get invited to all kinds of shows.

Live to air shows are much preferable to attend than recordings for a later date.

Look, you can’t just post things like this without showing us all the hat


Went with my School to see Finders Keepers being filmed and have been in the audience for Nevermind the Buzzcocks and a Shooting Stars episode.

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oh fuck, Finders Keepers! always wanted to go on that as a kid, bet it was insanely fun to do

It was great fun to watch, we got there and the audience is arbitrarily divided in half and we had green cardboard hats to wear to support the green team. It was pretty manic and you could see random people in the shadows resetting some of the rooms as they fillmed on different parts of the set.




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Relevant to the thread. This astonishing allegory

All my pals (including the Christian ones) have to do is say HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO THE RECORDING OF A LIVE TV SHOW and we’re all gone

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Think the closest I’ve got is two or three times where I’ve attended recordings that have been over-subscribed and sacked it off cos of the queue and/or likelihood of getting in.

Went to a recording of one of the episodes for Vic & Bobs big night out. Bob asked my son if he’d ‘done it yet’ when the warm up fella pointed him out.

Pub Quiz - A welsh comedy quiz thing hosted by John Sparkes that some mates were on.

A episode of Scrum V with other parents involved in running mini and juniors section of the rugby club.