Headphones - Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless

Was thinking of buying a pair of these. Does anybody own them? I’ve always been really sceptical of wireless headphones from a sound quality perspective, but I’m told these headphones have to heard to be believed. Don’t want to fork out £330 if they are naff!

Get bower and Wilkins p7 or a senheiser momentum instead if you’re looking to spend that much on wireless cans.


The p7s have the benefit of being hybrids (can also work with a wire if battery dies, or you want to conserve power)

Will you use them just for music? Sounds like there are latency problems watching video playback wirelessly.

These also come with a cable but of course the noise cancellation won’t work if the battery dies.

I looked at the P7s - somebody in the office has a pair, but I found them uncomfortable on my ears. Probably more to do with my ears than the design, but I want some that are really comfortable. I have some Sennheiser HD 598s, and in truth I’m happy with the sound and they are super-comfy, but they leak noise something stupid. I actually feel sorry for anybody sat next to me on a plane! Plus, they have this really long cable, that doesn’t detach.

Yes, just for music. Mainly travel by plane or train.

Looks like those Bose cans are also hybrids that can be wired, but require charging for the noise cancelling. not sure if you can use them when they’re completely dead, but it’d be strange if you couldn’t.

Momentums are design, very comfortable and close backed. It’s probably worth asking to demo a few pairs at a store and seeing what sound signature and comfort suits you best.

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I had a pair of them, although they weren’t the new wireless ones. Ended up on eBay as I very rarely used them. The noise cancelling was pretty amazing though.

You can use them without a charge, but have to switch off noise cancelling.

I’ve got them, they are ok

Noise cancelling: excellent.
Sound: could be better.

As mentioned you could look at the Momentums or these Sony ones, which are meant to be excellent:


Yeah, I’m tempted by the Sony ones. Reviews are excellent.

I’ve got the in ear quiet control ones https://www.bose.co.uk/en_gb/products/headphones/earphones/quietcontrol-30.html

and honestly they’re a game changer. Great quality and battery life as well as fast charging, really comfortable, and because they’re in ear much more comfortable on a plane/if I want to lie down etc. I’m sure if anything, these ones would be even better in quality.

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Had the QC35, sold them and bought the QC30 instead. 35s are too bulky, uncomfortable for anything much more than a hour. In addition exerted a horrible pressure on my ears when using them on a train in tunnels.
Can’t fault their noise cancellation but the 30’s aren’t far off and I find them a lot more comfortable. Also being able to adjust the NC, rather than all encompassing or nothing, I find really useful.

I just splashed out on the QC35s in duty free (saved about £70). Wore them all flight and they’re excellent. Sounds is pretty neutral but that’s what I want. Noise cancelling is incredible. Not noticed any latency issues. So far very very impressed

what’s the neck band thing like on these? looks a bit weird!

I’m really happy with mine. Expensive, but if you travel a lot, they are essential!

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I can’t remember what it was like to fly without them. They’re excellent and make long haul journeys so much more bearable without that horrible plane sounds driving you up the wall.

I splashed out on some after recommendations in my noise cancelling headphone recommendation thread. Absolutely bloody love them as I work in an office with an industrial air exchange thing that makes a sound like an aeroplane all day long. Don’t think they’re necessarily the best pair of headphones I’ve had but a lot of that is probably due to the fact that I’m just streaming music off my phone. I’ve not tried them at home wired in to my turntable but then I don’t have an industrial air circulation thing at home to drown out so I have no need to.

I don’t think I have very good hearing but I love my Bose Wireless headphones. They sound great to me!