💿 How Good Is It Really 💿 A Love Supreme

No, I’d like to hear more about shower cans and getting the robot to roll dice


I wish there was a mono version on spotify so it wasn’t all in one ear

This is my least favourite of all the albums offered last week. Nothing wrong with it really, but it’s a bit played out, especially after the Coltrane HGATR recently. Haven’t listened to it for a few years, I will go back this week and see what I think these days

Listening to A Love Supreme is the nearest thing to a religious experience I’ve ever had listening to music. I suppose that’s the whole point. John certainly succeeded in what he set out to achieve. It’s so beautifully transcendental.

It’s a 10.


That thread was about 10% Lol Nazis chat, 15% shower cans and 70% discobot rolling dice. Obviously great (apart from the Nazis bit ofc) but can barely remember any real discussion of their music in the other 5% of posts either.

Edit - not going to derail this thread with any more Slayer chat)

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A Love Supreme should be a 10, but I’ve gone with a 9 as it’s my honest reflection on it. That is more me than the album - for it is divine.

Got the 15th March pencilled in my calendar for when the boards Reign Again

10iest of 10s
Not one album on the list so far was as influential really, exception to maybe Illmatic or Pet Sounds, and it’s well better than either of them.

A top 10 record of all time for me.

A truly transcendent masterpiece that changed the way I hear and experience music.

inspired these lads 10 on 10


Any ideas on how good this pressing is?


Seems a steal if it’s any good…

Bit of a bargain there. Seems like Resident is open at the moment, could get down there and ask them to play it for me

Not great if the reviews on discogs are anything to go by

sounds legit!

Ha, it’s an unofficial bootleg it seems. If something looks too good to be be true etc.

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As opposed to an official bootleg


Think it’s only open for click and collect.

But looks too good to be true most likely!

Is there an 11 button?

Honestly tried a few times and never been able to get into it

I’ve not heard it but I don’t like it because everyone else seems to.


10 obviously, one of the greatest jazz albums of all time.

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