🤼‍♂ How Good of a Wrestler Were They Really? 🤼‍♀ #47 "Diesel"/Kevin Nash (& the nWo!)! 🚚 🤘

A whole load of scores to add from the Right to Censor mega-thread with the group scoring 3.55! ironically putting them on par with Vice McMahon!

As for the individual members, we got:

Bull Buchanan 2.47
Val Venis 2.81
Papa Shango/Kama Mustafa/The G(o)godfather 3.18
Stevie Richards 3.5
Ivory 3.63

Wrestler Rating
Chris Jericho (3) 4.69
Kurt Angle (2) 4.55
Mick Foley (10) 4.55
Daniel Bryan (5) 4.38
Macho Man Randy Savage (12) 4.37
Stone Cold Steve Austin (1) 4.36
Eddie Guerrero (8) 4.28
Ric Flair (11) 4.23
The Undertaker (7) 4.22
The Steiner Brothers (n/a) 4.22*
Shawn Michaels (6) 4.21
Edge & Christian (43) 4.18
William Regal (18) 4.1
Bret Hart (9) 4.07
The Hardy Boyz (46) 4
Ted DiBiase (68) 4
Owen Hart (21) 3.95
“Mr Perfect” Curt Hennig (22) 3.91
Lita (31) 3.91
The Dudley Boyz (39) 3.85
CM Punk (16) 3.85
Jake “The Snake” Roberts (20) 3.81
The Road Warriors/Legion of Doom (106) 3.74
Diamond Dallas Page (41) 3.73
Booker T (48) 3.72
Charlotte Flair (34) 3.69
Ivory (n/a) 3.63
Vince McMahon (66) 3.55
Right to Censor (80) 3.55
Kane (19) 3.54
Brock Lesnar (30) 3.52
Stevie Richards (n/a) 3.5
Triple H (13) 3.48
John Cena (17) 3.43
Rob Van Dam (47) 3.4
“Rowdy” Roddy Piper (37) 3.36
Becky Lynch (28) 3.2
Papa Shango/Kama/Godfather (136) 3.18
Ron Simmons (114) 3.18
Big Van Vader (58) 3.17
Shane McMahon (59) 3.17
A.P.A (90) 3.15
Sting (52) 3.12
The Big Boss Man(36) 3.1
The British Bulldogs (n/a) 3.09
Scott Steiner (55) 3.08
Davey Boy Smith (96) 2.94
Dynamite Kid (83) 2.9
Val Venis (157) 2.8
Bam Bam Bigelow (54) 2.8
The Big Show (166) 2.76
Little Spike Dudley (n/a) 2.75
Bull Buchanan (n/a) 2.47
Stephanie McMahon (n/a) 2.36
Gangrel/The Brood (n/a) 2.36
Hulk Hogan (61) 2.33
D-X (n/a) 2.33
Goldberg (51) 2.3
JBL (n/a) 1.56

And now, it’s time for one of the most controversial figures in the business, he’s been the Wizard of Oz, A Big Truck/Bodyguard, the worst drawing World Champion of all time and Kliq member, a founding father of arguably the most influential (American) wrestling stable of all time, the head booker, the kayfabe shatterer/finger-poke of doom receiver, Goldberg hater, both an “Outsider” and “Insider”, a big lad to put Triple H over (twice!), A King of Wrestling, Owner of Paparazzi Productions, part of the Main Event Mafia and THE BAND, CM Punk momentum killer, Super Shredder, Tarzan in Magic Mike it’s the man to get himself over all, BIG DADDY COOL, LOOK UP THE ADJECTIVE BECAUSE IT’S…


So, How Good Was Diesel/Kevin Nash really?
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as I would argue Nash is probably the most important member of the nWo brand, let’s do them as a stable too here:

How Good Were The nWo Really?
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Trying something a little different this week (which I actually intended to do last week but I ended up losing half of it) by posting a quick bio written by moi to hopefully give the matches and moments a bit more context (if it’s not tl’dr, of course)

After a career-ending injury ends his basketball career, after only one year playing in the Bundesliga for the Giessen 46ers, Nash joins the U.S Army stationed in Germany, before moving back to his native Detroit to work on the assembly line of the Ford Factory floor and then moving to Atlanta, Georgia working as a manager at a strip club who, like Scott Hall and DDP before him, gets signed to WCW as a result.

While there he would fumble around with various shitty gimmicks, including Steel of The Master Blasters (an obvious L.O.D/Demolition rip off), THE LITERAL WIZARD OF OZ WITH KEVIN SULLIVAN and finally, Vinnie Vegas, initially joining a big boy stable with the likes of Vader & Harley Race, would eventually join DDP’s Diamond Mine and forming their own tag-team, The Vegas Connection.

Frustrated with Bill Watts and WCW creative, Nash would depart for WWF on the recommendation of Shawn Michaels and is immediately enlisted as The Heart Break Kid’s personal bodyguard “Diesel” in late '93. He’d make his PPV in-ring debut at Survivor Series '93 in the highly thrown-together, New-Gen era threatening team of Adam Bomb, I.R.S & Rick “The Model” Martel vs Marty Janetty, Macho Man Randy Savage, Razor Ramon & The 1-2-3 Kid., before an impressive performance at Royal Rumble '94.

After accompanying Shawn at the legendary Wrestlemania X Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Title vs Razor Ramon, Nash himself would win the title from Ramon on an episode of Superstars shortly after, before challenging Bret Hart in a champion vs champion match (and a warning sign of things to come) at King of the Ring '94 which ends in a bullshit finish but bizarrely is in the middle of the card to make way for… Roddy Piper vs Jerry Lawler in the main event!

The night before Summerslam, Diesel & Michaels win the WWF Tag Team Titles from The Headshrinkers, making Diesel briefly a double champion, however, he would lose the Intercontinental Title back to Ramon at the PPV on the following night.

The Kliq is very much alive and kicking by now as Shawn & Diesel put on a clinic vs Razor & The 1-2-3 Kid for the Tag Titles on an episode of Action Zone, however, their title reign would soon be up as Shawn “accidentally” superkicks the increasingly popular Diesel at Survivor Series '94 beginning the road to Wrestlemania XI baby!


Ahem Anyway, Diesel’s vs first defence is against Hart for his title rematch at Royal Rumble '95, and it is a banger up until the bullshit finish (again).

Later that night, Shawn Michaels wins the Royal Rumble match itself to set up their Wrestlemania XI encounter, in which Diesel wins and goes off into the sunset with Pamela Anderson & Jenny McCarthy on each arm, presumably to go look at big trucks or something.

That summer, Diesel feuds with Psycho Sid at the inaugural In Your House pay-per-views, in a couple of duds, and teams with Bam Bam Bigelow (who is being “rewarded” for jobbing to Lawrence Taylor in the main event of WMXI) to defeat Psycho Sid & Tatanka as we are now fully entrenched into the New Generation Era. The peak of which comes at Summerslam '95 as Diesel defends his title against King of the Ring winner Mabel in an absolute slog while a seething Bret Hart feuds with Jerry Lawler’s dentist Isaac Yankem D.D.S.

Diesel then briefly becomes double champion again as he and a recently re-united Intercontinental champion Shawn Michaels, defeat The British Bulldog and Yokozuna for the Tag Team Titles after Owen Hart no shows, winning all the gold! It’s only for a night, however, as the result is declared null-and-void the next night on Raw as Hart wasn’t officially defending his title.

After a Dusty finish in a title defence against Bulldog at IYH 4, Diesel’s yeah-long reign finally comes to an end at Survivor Series '95 as Bret Hart finally wins his rightful place and title back after a year of absolute bollix.

Diesel puts in another impressive performance at the Royal Rumble match but is ultimately eliminated last by his frenemy Shawn Michaels, who would go on to achieve his “boyhood dream” at Wrestlemania XII. In the meantime, Diesel gets his rematch in a cage vs Bret Hart at In Your House 6: Rage in a Cage, before taking on The Undertaker at the showcase of the immortals.

Around this time Diesel starts getting some big money offers from Eric Bischoff to jump ship and “come home” to WCW, Nash finally accepts but not before putting over his mate and new champion Shawn Michaels in a No Holds Barred match at IYH 7: Good Friends, Better Enemies, before leaving with the infamous “Curtain Call” at MSG in May '96.

In June '96, Nash joined his best friend Scott Hall (who had arrived on-screen two weeks earlier) as invading antagonists of WCW “The Outsiders”. Challenged by WCW babyfaces Lex Luger, Randy Savage & Sting for a match at Bash at the Beach, Hall & Nash promised they would have a third man to even the ranks who turned out to be… “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan! Forming the new World order and changing the wrestling business forever, along with putting WCW on top for just over the next year and a half.

nWo would quickly assert themselves as the top stable in WCW, with Hogan, Hall & Nash (along with fake nWo Sting Jeff Farmer and bankrolling fourth member Ted DiBiase) defeating Team WCW featuring Arn Anderson, Lex Luger, Ric Flair & real Sting (accompanied by Miss Elizabeth) in a WarGames match at Fall Brawl '96.

Afterwhich, Hall & Nash became the domineering force of the Tag Team division for the next year and a half, defeating Booker T & Stevie Ray a.k.a Harlem Heat at Halloween Havoc '96, holding the titles (barring a few one-day blips to The Steiners and The Giant & Luger) for a whole year and including Sean “Syxx” Waltman as a champion defending the titles “Freebird/Wolfpac” style.

Hall & Syxx would lose the titles to The Steiners while Nash was injured in October 1997, and then the wheels start to fall off. Nash returns from injury only to no show for a match with The Giant on the biggest show of the year (the infamous Starrcade '97) before the two finally meeting at Souled Out '98 where, attempting to hit the Jackknife Powerbomb, nearly breaks The Giant’s neck. This is passed off as Nash intentionally trying to injure The Giant in a gross angle, in which Hall & Nash are rewarded with their final (proper) Tag Team Title run defeating The Steiners at SuperBrawl VIII after Scott turns on Rick to join the nWo.

On Nitro, the night after Spring Stampede in which Nash & Hogan defeated Roddy Piper & The Giant in a “Baseball Bat on a Pole” match (because, wrestling), Nash turned on Hogan and formed the babyface nWo Wolfpac, with Savage & Konnan, as its leader. Hall showed finally showed his allegiances when he turned on Nash as The Outsiders were defending their Tag Titles against Sting & Giant at Slamboree '98.

Sting would then join up with nWo Wolfpac and defeat The Giant for control of the WCW World Tag Team Titles a month later at The Great American Bash '98 and would choose Nash as his partner the next night on Nitro. They would hold the titles for just over a month before losing them to Scott Hall & The Giant because 1998 WCW is a literal merry-go-round at this point. A month after, Wolfpac Nash, Sting & Luger would take part in the disastrous 3 vs 3 vs 3 WarGames match against Hollywood nWo’s Hogan, Hart & Stevie Ray(?!) with both losing to WCW’s DDP, Roddy Piper AND THE (RETURNING) WARRIOR!

Nash then feuds with Scott Hall who is a (not so) Kayfabe drunk and addict at the time. The feud and resulting match at Halloween Havoc '98 is incredibly difficult to watch as Nash Jackknife Powerbombs an intoxicated Hall twice and leaves the ring to lose by count-out. Nash around this time got onto the booking team, so naturally, BOOKS HIMSELF TO GO OVER BROTHER, winning 1998’s World War 3 Match to earn a title shot vs Goldberg.

And so, the stage is set for Nash to headline WCW’s biggest show of the year, Starrcade, against as of yet undefeated WCW champion Goldberg, and, depending on who you ask, humiliates him for not being “one of the boys” by unceremoniously ending his title reign and undefeated streak thanks to a returning Scott Hall, disguised as a steward, and his cattle prod. To make matters much worse, Nash gives the title back to Hogan the week after following the infamous “finger poke of doom” incident, ending WCW’s 83-week reign over WWF on top of the ratings, by the very same people who created the boom period in the first place.

Following this, Nash was given the pencil as the head booker and WCW’s decline would continue from here until its eventual closure in 2001, and while this isn’t completely Nash’s fault (Vince Russo’s still to have his time yet) it is clear the company is beyond repair. Nash would book himself as champ for reals this time, ending another popular babyface run in DDP at Slamboree '99, and Booker T a year later (though Nash would at least drop the title back shortly after in a “caged heat” match!)

Nash & DDP would briefly reunite their tag team for the first time in 7 years as “The Insiders” and win the belts from Chuck Palumbo & Shawn Stasiak at Mayhem 2000 with a great follow-up match at Starrcade, before dropping to Palumbo & Sean O’Haire at Sin 2001. Nash’s final WCW PPV match would be a losing effort against World Champion Scott Steiner in a deep breath Falls Count Anywhere 2-out-of-3-falls retirement vs title match at SuperBrawl Revenge!

Ever the consummate professional, Nash disappears as soon as the AOL-Time Warner merger is announced and sits out the rest of his contract, along with his nWo original stablemates Hall & Hogan for the rest of the year. As 2002 rolled around however the three would get the band back together, this time in the WWF, having avoided the stinky InVasion angle entirely and arrive to usher in the “Ruthless Aggression” era at no Way out 2002 helping newly minted undisputed champion Chris Jericho retain his title against Steve Austin. Nash would continually interfere in Austin’s match with his buddy Scott Hall at Wrestlemania X-8 and when it came to him finally re-entering the ring, he immediately tears his biceps, returns, and then tears his quads effectively disbanding nWo for good!

Nash would return right after Wrestlemania XIX having to choose between the perennially feuding Shawn Michaels & Triple H. Reign of Terror Trips would turn on Nash (and then reward him with a main event feud, not for the last time) as Nash had his first competitive match in two years a six-man tag at Backlash 2003 teaming with Shawn & Booker T vs Tri, Jericho & Ric Flair!

After an absolute dud between Nash & Tri for the World Heavyweight Championship at Judgement Day, the two fare slightly better in Hell in a Cell at Bad Blood. A month later, Nash would shave his hair for his part in the upcoming Punisher film and leaves the company to get neck surgery being eliminated from an Elimination Chamber match at Summerslam '03 during the height of Tri’s Reign of Terror.

After a year away, Nash would appear in TNA along with his buddy Scott Hall in support of Jeff Jarrett, forming the “Kings of Wrestling” and feuding with Jeff Hardy, A.J Styles & Randy Savage! The stable wouldn’t last long, however, as Hall would leave again in the new year and Nash would challenge a Triple-H aping Jeff Jarrett in an (obviously) losing effort for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at Against All Odds.

After suffering a mild cardiac arrest later in the year, Nash slows down for the rest of his career, mostly used as a backstage guy, feuding with the X Division in the mid-2000s and getting an evergreen push with the Main Event Mafia between 2008-09 after Nash turns on his partner Samoa Joe in a TNA World Tag Team Match vs Sting & Tomko at Final Resolution!

With The Main Event Mafia, Booker T debuts the “TNA Legends Title” (later TV title) who lost to A.J Styles, who would then drop it to Nash at Victory Road. Nash would feud with Mick Foley over it in mid-2009 (oof), Abyss and eventually losing it to Eric Young at Bound For Glory, which also spelt the end of The Main Event Mafia stable. In 2010, HOGAN & BISCHOFF arrive to ruin everything! Which means… it’s the 90s nostalgia time baby and (just don’t call it nWo for legal reasons) THE BAND ARE GETTING BACK TOGETHER as Hall, Nash & Sean Waltman reform “The Band”. Surprisingly, Hall & Nash put on a fairly competent match with Team 3D in a 2010 Steel Cage Tag Match at Lockdown!

As the year went on creative and personal differences took hold during Hogan & Bischoff’s version of the reign of terror, and despite Nash, Hall & Eric Young winning the TNA Tag Titles under the Freebird rule, Hall & Waltman would get fired for legal issues while Nash & Sting leaving out of frustration by the end of 2010. Meaning, at the beginning of 2011, Nash was free to return to the WWE, entering the 40-Man Royal Rumble… as Diesel!

If only they had left it there… Nash & Waltman appear at the 2011 Hall of Fame to help induct Shawn Michaels, and then… KEVIN NASH APPEARS AT SUMMERSLAM 2011 AND RUINS THE SUMMER OF PUNK!!! It’s 2003 all over again as Tri books himself in the main event of the following PPV Night of Champions against Punk (ironically one of Punk’s only main event matches around this time despite being champion for being most of it) and Nash gets kayfabe fired for attacking both! Nash then returns to help main event R-Truth and The Miz defeat Triple H & Punk at Vengeance! And if this wasn’t enough of a waste of time, this wet fart of a comeback ended with Nash’s only actual match at TLC in a “Sledgehammer Ladder” match against Triple H, which Nash would leave and end up being his final competitive match for a major American company!

Bar an appearance at the 2014 Royal Rumble Match, Nash’s last major match was for ALL JAPAN PRO WRESTLING in 2012, during a nWo Japan/USA reunion arc. Nash would team with Keija Mutoh (Great Muta) to defeat Taiyō Kea and a young Seiya SANADA during the company’s 40th-anniversary tour. Nash has made a few sporadic appearances since, most notably during the Triple H vs Sting/D-X vs nWo farce at Wrestlemania 31 but has been retired now for the better part of a decade, instead, concentrating on his acting career with celebrated performances in the Magic Mike films and the first John Wick movie.

So what are your thoughts on Big Daddy Cool and your favourite matches or moments?
  • Kevin Nash gets a big push in WCW cosplaying as the actual Wizard of Oz (amongst other failed gimmicks!)
  • Less than a year after debuting as Shawn Michael’s bodyguard, Diesel gets a title shot vs Bret Hart (World & I.C Title winner take all match, King of the Ring '94)
  • Diesel © vs Razor Ramon (Intercontinental Title Match, Summerslam '94)
  • Diesel © & Shawn Michaels © vs Razor Ramon & The 1-2-3 Kid (Tag Team Title Match, Action Zone, Sep 28th 1994)
  • After defeating Bob Backlund for the title at MSG in an 8-second squash match, Diesel © grants Bret Hart his rematch (World Heavyweight Title Match, Royal Rumble '95)
  • Diesel © vs Shawn Michaels (World Heavyweight Title Match, Wrestlemania XI)
  • Diesel © vs King Mabel (World Heavyweight Title Match, Summerslam '95)
  • Diesel & Shawn Michaels vs The British Bulldog & Yokozuna (Winner takes all Tag, I.C & World Heavyweight title match, In Your House 3: Triple Header)
  • Diesel © vs Bret Hart (World Heavyweight Championship No Disqualification match, Survivor Series '95)
  • Diesel vs The Undertaker (Wrestlemania XII)
  • Diesel vs Shawn Michaels © (World Heavyweight Title No Holds Barred Match, IYH 7: Good Friends, Better Enemies)
  • Kevin Nash, Scott Hall & Hulk Hogan vs Lex Luger, Randy Savage & Sting (WCW Bash at the Beach '96)
  • Hogan, Hall, Nash & nWo Sting vs Anderson, Luger, Flair & Sting (WarGames Match, Fall Brawl '96)
  • The Outsiders vs Harlem Heat © (WCW World Tag Team Titles Match, Halloween Havoc '96)
  • The Outsiders © vs Lex Luger & The Giant (WCW World Tag Team Titles Match, SuperBrawl VII)
  • Kevin Nash vs The Giant (Souled Out '98)
  • The Outsiders vs The Steiners © (WCW World Tag Team Titles Match, SuperBrawl VIII)
  • The Outsiders © vs Sting & The Giant (WCW World Tag Team Titles Match, Slamboree '98)
  • nWo Wolfpac Nash, Sting & Luger vs nWo Hollywood Hogan, Hart & Stevie Ray vs WCW’s DDP, Roddy Piper & The Warrior (3 vs 3 vs 3 WarGames Match, Fall Brawl '98)
  • Nash books himself to win World War 3 '98!
  • Kevin Nash vs Goldberg ©, followed by the finger poke of doom! (WCW World Heavyweight Title Match, Starrcade '98)
  • Kevin Nash vs DDP © (WCW World Heavyweight Title Match, Slamboree '99)
  • Kevin Nash © vs Booker T (WCW World Heavyweight Title Match, Fall Brawl 2000)
  • “The Insiders” Kevin Nash & DDP © vs Palumbo & Stasiak (Starrcade 2000)
  • Kevin Nash vs Scott Steiner © (WCW World Heavyweight Title Match, SuperBrawl Revenge 2001)
  • Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels & Booker T vs Triple H, Chris Jericho & Ric Flair (6-Person Tag, Backlash 2003)
  • Kevin Nash vs Triple H © ref: Mick Foley (World Heavyweight Title Hell in a Cell match, Bad Blood 2003)
  • Kevin Nash vs Triple H © vs Chris Jericho vs Goldberg vs Randy Orton vs Shawn Michaels (World Heavyweight Title Elimination Chamber match, Summerslam 2003)
  • Kevin Nash, Scott Hall & Jeff Jarrett vs A.J Styles, Jeff Hardy & Randy Savage (6-man tag, TNA Turning Point 2004)
  • Kevin Nash vs Jeff Jarrett © (NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match, Against All Odds 2005)
  • Kevin Nash & Samoa Joe vs Sting © & Tomko © (TNA World Tag Team Titles Match, Final Resolution, Jan '08)
  • Kevin Nash & Scott Hall vs Team 3D (Steel Cage Tag Match, Lockdown 2010)
  • 40-Man Royal Rumble Match 2011!
  • Kevin Nash vs Triple H (Sledgehammer Ladder Match, TLC 2011)

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Rubbish. The Kliq was the shittest stable ever. Injured himself walking across the ring. Someone somewhere opined ‘Kevin Trash is a busted up geriatric with breadsticks for legs’ and I’ll back that.

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I respect Nash’s hustle more than anything else. Is only really good matches are with other Kliq members and Bret Hart, but then he was also pretty much the (American) brainchild of the nWo and will therefore be his legacy (even if he stole the idea from Japan).

He had a great look in his youth and think people are a bit harsh on him for the downfall of WCW when really he was just the by-product of a very fucked up locker room. There are certainly things I’m sure we could all point to that he perhaps could have done more “admirably” during that time in the late 90s but I believe he was a) just looking out for himself in a world of backstabbers and b) creating ideas that he thought were par the course for the time. Even his two Triple H feuds in the fed I don’t believe are entirely his fault, even if they were rubbish (and nearly killed CM Punk’s momentum stone dead). Think once he joined TNA he developed a fairly healthy attitude of not really giving a fuck anymore which in it’s own weird way is quite admirable compared to many of his peers who went off the rails for long periods of time.

Also he’s an ally these days so fair fucks to him. A 3 for Nash, 4 for nWo due to the years of overbooking.

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That is a completely epic write up there, seriously good reading :+1:

Kevin Nash - I cannot stand the person at all. I think he’s extremely self-serving (which plays out in his booking, Kilq, etc), cannot trust the guy when he does shoot interviews and by his own admission barely has any moves.
Diesel - I actually did like this gimmick and it suited him the most. His size meant he was amazing as Shawn’s bodyguard and allowed Shawn to be this chickenshit heel even more. When he split from Shawn, I still thought he was good. His title run was a little not great really (not sure if that’s entirely all his fault though, this is new-gen era).

I can’t deny the impact that nWo had on the business and it’s kinda his idea, though they ran that right into the ground. Still, he (obviously not entirely him, I reckon HHH was involved in the booking of this a lot) completely ruined the Summer of Punk, which is one of my favourite moments in wrestling history and for this he gets docked points.
It’s gotta be a 2.

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the dr. nash gimmick was really good stuff imo


It’s quite funny that he squashed Tetsuya Naito in TNA tbf.

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He was a far better actor in Magic Mike than I expected. Admittedly, there wasn’t much acting involved.

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Really did make a career out of charisma and size alone. Had a powerbomb and a kind of half drunk promo, but he was still able to draw because of it somehow. Man he killed CM Punk’s big push colder than a plateful of piss, definitely was angle kryptonite as often as he was a draw :smiley:


His best work was in the Masterblasters.

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Lol I wasn’t really aware of it until researching for this thread, looks hilarious. Unreal to think Nash was once a boy

They did run Bartertown tbh tbf


It took him a long time to reach a character that worked - a bit like Kane or Bray Wyatt, I guess.

I really liked the Masterblasters in 1990 when WCW was on ITV in the middle of the night. They were my favourite team along with Doom. Didn’t realise until many, many years later (Wikipedia basically) that Kevin Nash was one of them.

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remember when he was diesel for a bit? Christ!

My first ever wrestling post! I’m outta here

(never liked nash. always seemed like a prick!)


How could we forget?!


Same as my thoughts about Scott Hall. I really don’t get it. nWo was obviously a blinding angle initially, but even that… I mean nWo Hollywood, nWo Wolfpac, nWo Elite, nWo B-Team, nWo Wolfpac Elite, nWo “black and white”, nWo 2000 - Presumably I had to be there at the time, but how the hell is anyone supposed to follow that?


nWo was good for about 3 weeks til Dibiase joined

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Nash was a good promo, but that’s about it, a solid big guy.

Him vs Hogan at Road Wild 99 is one of the worst main events you’ll ever see.

Crap booker too

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