⚽️ How Good Was This Footballer Really ⚽️ #1 Eric Cantona

Seeing as we’re in love with ranking and rating things even if we pretend we’re not, let’s do football players! Will probably keep it to players we all know and mostly from the Premier League era so nobody can be weird and pretend they know what Dixie Dean was like or whatever.

We’ll start with one of the biggest names; Eric Cantona!



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The coolest mother fucker there’s ever been


Played for Leeds and Manchester. 1.

10/10. Brilliant, cool as fuck, kicked the hooligan.

  • Kung Fu Kick
  • Press conference
  • Comeback penalty then spinning round the goal thing
  • FA Cup final goal 1996
  • Sunderland chip
  • Other

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Mercurial genius who gave absolutely no fucks of any kind. Just utter joy to watch. I will love him forever.


good when he told everyone to bring down the banks


Oh yeah forgot about that.

It’s a 10. Close the thread.


Average footballer, great actor

Maybe the most French man

This is a silly thing to say, obviously.


always thought he was italian growing up


“The frail side to his temperament, the mad side of genius, Cantona is dismissed, where can there be a place in the game for a man of such extravagant talent, a man of such wicked temperament, a man who has been quite rightly dismissed, a man who has now ju…OH MY GOODNESS ME, HE HAS…KICKED, HE’S PUNCHED A FAN, ERIC CANTONA HAS JUMPED IN AND SCISSOR-KUNG-FU-KICKED A FAN, Manchester United fans are coming across, I have never seen as disgraceful an incident as that in all my years in football, Eric Cantona should be thrown out of the game for that sort of incident, I CARE NOT ONE JOT about his supreme talent, he launched himself SIX FEET into the crowd and KUNG-FU-KICKED a supporter, who was without a shadow of a doubt giving him lip, without a shadow of a doubt giving him stick…”



Another great assist.


Was that from that 8-0 game or whatever it was?

if he hadn’t have scored against newcastle in 95/96 we’d have only lost the league on goal difference, idiot. don’t mind a 1664 when it’s warm out, tho. 3.

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That Cup Winner in 96 is such a formative moment for my entire life. First match I ever watched was the 1995 Cup Final and in the space of a year it had become a full obsession. The 96 Cup Final was on my little brother’s second birthday and I was hiding away in front of the telly much to my parent’s chagrin. Completely enthralled despite it being a dreadful game but that late winner was my introduction to the entire concept of euphoria. Ran around the garden yelling and screaming, causing a scene in front of the grandparents etc. Was completely and utterly hooked from that point and my entire life would be completely and utterly different if it weren’t for that moment of magic from Cantona.


“My best moment? I have a lot of good moments but the one I prefer is when I kicked the hooligan. I didn’t hit him strong enough. I should have hit him harder” 10/10