I cannot change my profile picture to a new image

I only have the above two options. I have changed my profile pic a couple of times before - is there a limit?

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Are we allowed to post pornographic images on this new forum?[/details]

Looks like it’s true for me too. Odd

Hey guys, this is a side effect of a new feature I’m working on. In future you’ll be able to select any member of Radiohead as your profile pic with a customisable border colour to make yours unique.

So for example you can pick a green Thom, a purple Johnny or a grey Segway. Shouldn’t be too much longer to get it finished.


Will it still be possible to upload a non-radiohead image as my avatar? Thanks for the reply Nigel spoiler[/spoiler]


I now have the option to upload a new profile picture again. :slight_smile:

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