Interpol - Marauder

New record Marauder out August 24th, new single, all happening. Good name, cracking cover, song is… well it’s very, very Interpol, for better or for worse. El Pintor was great but not something I’ve really returned to much, not too sure what to expect from this one

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Every time I get excited…

Song is fine, I guess. For a minute it seemed like this might be really exciting (the Mexico stuff and album cover) but it’s just a stock Interpol 2.0 banger. I really hoped they’d build on the improved songwriting of El Pintor with a more menacing and atmospheric take on that sound, but it just kind of sounds the same but less good. Perhaps a grower.

I don’t think they’ll ever get close to their first two albums again, but El Pintor was definitely the best thing they’d done since them I think so I’m curious to see how it turns out


I loved El Pintor so I’ll bite

Date at Royal Albert Hall on sale now. Can’t believe they are playing there. Splashed out on a box seat- never been and want to make most of only uk interpol date will be at this year.

Kind of agree on new song being a bit ‘meh’ but they are my favourite band and I love TOTBL so much they can do no wrong in my eyes.

Still love them, no doubt and will be spending real time with this album. I even grew to kind of like the self-titled. Would just have been wonderful to get blown away.

Annoyed at the London date as I agreed to an un-get-out-of-able commitment on that night just minutes before.

Know the feeling…I have an un-get-outable commitment on the Hyde Park Cure day.

now that I’ve seen my favourite album of all time (TOTBL) live I’m quite happy to never listen to Interpol again tbh

Had to sell my ticket to this as gf booked a (obviously lovely) break to Paris as a surprise :sob:

I’d have been like that: “no.”


(no wonder I’m single now huh)

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She actually would have cancelled it if I’d said ‘look, this means a lot to me’. And knowing that with 100% certainty meant I couldn’t quite do it!

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aw that’s sweet (and stupid)

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Out of interest is your username a reference to Roland? Understand if it’s just me who instantly thinks of this when seeing the word.

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sure, if you want :wink:

Ha ha just me then! :grinning:

I didn’t actually realise he says the word “severed” in that song, tbh I find it amazing people can make out a lot of his lyrics (no disrespect to his ear for a melody but)

Yes the music is so good you don’t mind the odd daft lyric.

I’ve always thought Roland was ‘he severed segments secretly like that’. Could be wrong but sounds good alliteratively. God knows what it means but fits in with the other bits about knives etc.

yeah it is, I just didn’t know before looking it up