Is there anyone left to reform who might realistically get back together?

Continuing the discussion from Primavera 2017:

I never got to see The Longpigs and seeing as bands like Lush and Ride seem to have caused a kerfuffle reforming for fans a generation or so older than me I guess it could still happen (maybe if Richard Hawley curated Meltdown?)

The Smiths (never gonna happen) and ABBA (do they even need to?) are probably the biggest two reformations people wang on about.

Who else?

Well Hüsker Dü will never get back together and they’re the only non-reformed band I want to see at this point.


Talking Heads. It’s never going to happen but I’d quite like it to.


Jimmy Ray?




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This comes as no surprise


Didn’t the Cocteau twins get as far as making themselves available for festivals a few years ago, but for some reason it didn’t happen…?

Elastica? (never going to happen though)
Sonic Youth (see above)
Spaceman 3?
The Sundays?
Talk Talk?

What Primavera, Cochella, Glastonbury etc want (need?) is someone the stature of The Smiths (or possibly Talking Heads).

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Have heard a few times they’ve been working on a record. Hopefully it finally materialises.

REM I guess


White Stripes


I’m still holding out for a Galaxie 500 reformation. Unlikely due to the fact that Dean Wareham doesn’t get along well with Damon and Naiomi even when they were a band.

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Yeah, they were booked and advertised as playing Coachella in 2005 but pulled out about a month beforehand.

Botch - would love to have seen them and could see it happening at some point. Probably only for a couple of shows though so doubt i’d actually see it.

Always would have said Kyuss but then that happened pretty much, and whereas seeing them was great and had a real fun evening…it has tarnished them in my mind slightly. Hard to explain but something to do with the romantic image of them as desert dwelling bums playing through a generator being destroyed and that influencing my ears. Or something.

They haven’t split up.


Regarding The Smiths, isn’t there a possibility? I mean the Stone Roses were NEVER going to reform either.

Disco Inferno

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An proper Smashing Pumpkins reunion is yet to happen, right?

What did the members of DI go on to do?

I think Billy hinted at it happening recently. Whether or not it’s really anything noteworthy is another.