Kindle book deals/discount thread (Rolling)

Just thought I would create a separate thread for nice discounted Kindle book deals, often for 99p, sometimes only available for 24 hours. This site is also good to get daily update emails:

Anyhow, here are 5 books to get started - I’ve read and loved the first three, and have just bought the second 2 books as they looked interesting. Maybe in the future I might attempt some descriptions, but for now I’ll just post this topic.

Not that I really need any encouragement to buy even more books, seeing as my backlog is ever increasing.

Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern

Kindred - Octavia Butler

The Master and Margarita - Mikhail Bulgakov

A Terrible Kindness - Jo Browning Wroe

I Who Have Never Known Men - Jacqueline Harpman


Good idea! Excited to read Kindred, and I bought IWHNKM - Sophie Mackintosh is a good egg.

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I just thought I’d check my current paperback book I’m reading, Luminaries by Eleanor Catton, as it’s a massive 880 pages long, and just found out that it’s 99p also! So I’ve bought it again as I’m absolutely loving it:

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Great/dangerous thread. Had a look on my wishlists and found:

Assume everyone else on earth has read/possibly debunked this but Prisoners of Geography is £1.89

A semi-regular reminder that the lovely people at Standard Ebooks make astonishingly great versions of public domain works, all for free:


Oh god this thread is going to be very expensive for me, I basically only buy 99p ebooks “to save money” but will not blink before buying 17 of them at once.

(Great thread, will be sure to report when my daily wishlist check has a bargain)


Yep, definitely don’t need to be encouraged to buy more books… but did end up looking at BookBub and buying Seven Empty Houses by Samanta Schweblin:

Read and enjoyed Little Eyes by her, which was about toy/pet robot animals controlled by strangers.


New Celeste NG book from a few months ago is now 99p. I liked her first book, and own but haven’t read her second book, so have just bought this book:

(This one is a one-day offer)


This site is great:

You can import your Amazon wish list, and then set up alerts for when the books you want are discounted, or drop below a certain price.


Great idea. But yeah, gonna be pricey.

Aldous Huxley - Brave New World is 99p for today only, for anyone who’s not read it yet.

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The Union by Leah Vernon is 99p today

Haven’t read it yet, it made its way onto my wishlist from who knows where

(Not read it but its in my wishlist)

Babel - R. F. Kuang

I had noticed this in Waterstones last month, and then a friend mentioned they were reading it yesterday and was really liking it, so this seems like enough incentive for me to buy it from today’s (Saturday’s) new daily deal.
Some kind of standalone fantasy-esque novel set in 19th century Britain I think. Not read too much about the actual plot though, but the author apparently describes it as a “thematic response to The Secret History [by Donna Tartt] and a tonal retort to Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell [by Susanna Clarke]”.

Yeah…if you search it in the reading thread I think it got savaged for reasons that put me off :grinning:

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Ha, thanks. I’ll have a look. I did get put off by one review on Good Reads when I was in Waterstones, but then I’ve been seated by my friend and the price!

Yessssss, thanks, keeps showing up in my recommendations.

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Yeah I was one of the ones doing the savaging… There are definitely LOADS of people it really works for and its heart is undoubtedly in the right place but I found it heavy handed to the point of totally putting me off. Well worth a punt for 99p as I seem to be in the minority but there are other people who have felt the same about it being a bit much. It’s got a similar sort of feel to Johnathan Strange and Mr Norrel in terms of the set up but 0 nuance.

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the first Slough House / Slow Horses book is 99p today, highly recommended if you like espionage fiction with a massive dose of sardonic black humour.


Both 99p today