King of the Hill

Should I watch it? Caught 2 on tv last night and enjoyed, but didnt realise it went on for so long!

  • Yes
  • No

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It’s fucking wonderful and I dunno how related it is but you should watch Daria too. Cos it’s great.


It’s miles better than even peak Simpsons, imho.


“My Daddy says butane’s a bastard gas”
Classic show


Sacrilege on these boards (and at work for me) but despite watching loads of the simpsons, I don’t think I’ve ever really liked it

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To prove i am not one of my fondest memories is my gran getting the curry’s people to set up her tv and vcr in the late 90s and me trying to play my simpsons vhs immediately and him saying NO you need it to stabilise to room temperature for 24 hrs before playing.


Got the 13th season for Christmas to complete my collection. Watching season 4 right now as part of a complete watch-through. It’s just fucking brilliant, and Dale Gribble is one of the greatest television characters ever created.


It’s great. Speaking as someone who has only ever watched it out of sequence (back when it was on channel 4 and various cable channels and now when I occasionally rec it off 4Music)


God I fucking hate Peggy.

The episode where Hank is sexually assaulted by a dolphin is great.

Also the one where Bobby joins a blood drinking cult.

Actually seasons 3 - 7 are basically perfect.

yeah it’s good. seen lots of episodes but never seen all of it. didn’t quite get it back in the day but really enjoy it now.

saw the sex education episode for the first time recently which was great.

Need to watch this the whole way through.


Johnson got another one

That was on last night!

After 2 eps, think Bobby is one of my favourite ever characters.

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Yeah it’s definitely the 2nd best animated comedy ever and it’s not that far behind the simpsons

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Not counting bojack in this because its different to ‘animated comedies’ despite being animated and a comedy, innit

After Beavis and Butthead?