My lad and I are off to an offer day at Lancaster Uni soon and will be stopping the night in the centre of Lancaster on the Saturday night.

I’d like to give him a studenty experience - any tips on where students eat and drink on a Saturday night? Is it better to hang out on campus or in the city?

The campus is a couple of miles out of town, has a lot of bars (9?) and I think is pretty popular as a night out for students living on campus, not sure I’d fancy it myself though. But there’s also lots of student accommodation in/around town and a decent number of pubs/bars, most of which I think will see a fair bit of student traffic. There’s a proper student club run by the Students Union (Sugarhouse) and a place called Kanteena that’s pretty decent for club nights and is a pretty popular student haunt generally. Happy to give you some recs for food/drink in town. Worth knowing that term doesn’t start until next Monday, so campus and town might not be quite as busy as usual. I work at the university so feel free to drop me a DM if I can help with any questions.

Oh, and @Konichiwa_Bitches is a Lancaster resident and no doubt much younger and cooler than me, so might be a better source of nightlife info.


Thanks. I’m 50 so there’ll be no clubbing - we’ll be tucked up in bed well before 11 :grinning: Just planning on a couple of decent beers and a pizza or burger. I’ve booked a room at the Royal Hotel. We’re not going until March and it will be in term time.

I know there’s a few restaurants and bars on campus, but wasn’t sure if they’d be a bit dead on a Saturday night and if everyone gets the bus into town instead. But it would be good for him to get a bit of a feel for “campus life” since he’ll be living it later this year. He never goes out at home so it’s a massive step.

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It doesn’t take long to get the bus from the campus into town, so suggest maybe staying in town, get the bus to the campus for a beer or a bite to eat, and then get the bus back and head somewhere for a drink. Not been there for a while but remember the pubs being good and it’s a town where the students and locals seem to mix pretty well.

Campus unis aren’t for everyone (and I like the lancaster uni campus and that it is pretty close to town), so obviously it’s good to get a feel for what it’s like. Have fun!

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We went in March of last year, to pick up a travel tram. My main gripe was that there wasn’t anywhere kid friendly to eat e.g. Pizza Express whey they were fitting out a unit for a Zizzi’s. Ended up in a Bella Italia awful.

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Right, yeah, don’t know where I got this Saturday from! I reckon campus will be pretty lively on a Saturday night. Pizzetta Republic on campus does a good pizza and I think all the college bars do food. Cartmel (Barkers) is best for beer (decent selection of craft stuff) and food (pizza and burgers).

Plenty of good pubs/bars in town, Sun Inn and Accidental Brewery being the best for beer I reckon. The pub at the station has a good beer selection, but I’m not convinced they keep it very well. It’s always quiet though, if that floats your boat (and has way more seating than it appears to have when you first walk in). If you’re after a pizza, the best in town by a mile is Pizza Margherita (started by the sister of the guy who founded Pizza Express).

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big news to me finding out lancaster and lancashire are not the same place
but they kind of are

I don’t really drink beer and I’m a vegan so my experience of what is good pubs or food is extremely narrow. Also I only really go out when there’s a specific event on somewhere.

That said, I can recommend the Bobbin as a nice pub and relatively cheap. I find The Crypt is the best place to get cocktails if you like cocktails. The interior of Merchants is very cool and atmospheric and right by the castle, so when somebody’s visiting we often go in there for one drink. The Golden Lion and John O Gaunt are proper old school boozers with some history to them, so nice to pop into if you’re in town for one night.

hijacking this thread (sorry!) but going to Lancaster for a wedding in March, staying in town for the weekend. One of our group is vegan (others veggie) so if you had any suggestions of good places to eat which are vegan that would v much be appreciated!

Evening meals are a bit slim pickings here for some reason, but we found that Secret Bistro had a pretty extensive vegan menu and was really nice. Aquila Pizza have a lot of vegan pizza options and is a big favourite. But be warned that it’s a very big meal and you might feel like just sitting down for a couple of hours after eating it (ideal for pre-cinema).

Daytime is way better, there’s the Whale Tail which is a veggie cafe, does absolutely amazing salads and sandwiches and usually has a few pastas dishes on the specials board, most of the menu is or can be vegan. The Herbarium is amazing, vegan cafe, probably our favourite place in town, it’s a little pricier than everywhere else but not massively so. Then there’s Pure Vegan which does like burgers and wraps but feels a lot more savory than that description suggests. There’s a particularly banging tempeh wrap.


Thanks so much - seems like a lot of decent options, Whale Tail in particular looks great!

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Whale Tail for breakfast is a very good thing. And there’s a place called Gallico Lounge that’s a good bet for an evening meal with loads of veggie and vegan choice. It’s part of a small chain and does so much different food that I guess a lot of it isn’t cooked fresh, but it’s surprisingly nice for what it is. I’m veggie and have always enjoyed what I’ve had there, and there’s loads of vegan stuff too.


cheers that sounds decent too. as it happens, going to one of those lounge places in Newbury at the end of this month for someone’s birthday so can suss it out, menu looked incredibly extensive!

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My daughter is second year there (Politics), will ask her later. Feel free to ask any specific questions!


Whale tail is ace!

Brew does great coffee and veggie breakfast too imo


Thanks! How’s she finding it? Was it ok finding accommodation in year 2? My lad is only looking at campus unis. Partly because he’s very introverted, like me. However, I solved my introversion with alcohol but he doesn’t show any desire to ever drink.

I’m happy to take this to private mesages if you want; message me if you like! Wouldn’t want to share stuff about AD jnr mkI here ref that stuff.

Apropos of nothing, about 60% of the houses near us are students. I never hear a single peep out of them. There was a house party literally once in at the beginning of term in 2021, and we heard them all singing when England nearly won that football tournament. Otherwise zip.

They all recycle as well, very well behaved kids.

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